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The diamond cut you choose for your diamond jewelry purchase is an important decision since it reflects your personal style. Some women and men have preferences on diamond cuts while others are not too particular. Yet, understand each cut is essential to make an informed purchasing decision.

Round Diamond Cut

Here are some popular or unique diamond cuts that we carry: Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Emerald cut, and Asscher cut.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds
This brilliant cut is the most popular for round diamond engagement rings and diamond stud earrings and is the cut most often searched for and requested. The specific focus of diamond cutters are achieving a good level of sparkle, fire, and brilliance in the round cut, thus, giving it the "brilliant" name. Click here to see our Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings.

Most experts will recommend choosing a round diamond that is a high cut grade, so you get a diamond that is bright, brilliant, and fiery.

Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond cuts, especially for diamond engagement rings, perhaps partly for its royalty name, unique look, and affordability. The princess cut is the cut that has pointed corners and is usually square in shape. Sometimes it's slightly more of a rectangle. Click here to see our Princess Cut Engagement Rings.

When shopping for a princess cut diamond, look for a square cut that is white in the corner and not any other color. Sometimes the color will be visible in the corners on a lower-grade princess cut diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamonds
Princess cut diamonds are usually rectangular in shape but have what are referred to as the "pavilion," which is the cut design. These diamonds are cut with rectangular facets, which create a special optical appearance. They have a large, open table, so this cut highlights the clarity of any diamond you purchase.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond is a good pick for someone with a smaller budget because the special cutting ensures that every diamond ends up with a brilliant and fiery look. Click here to see our Emerald Cut Engagement Rings.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds are identical to the emerald cut, but these diamonds generally have square-like shape. Older asscher diamonds had a rectangular shape. These diamond cuts have pavilion cuts like the emerald cut, which highlights the natural brilliance of the diamond. Click here to see our Asscher Cut Engagement Rings.

All diamond cuts are beautiful. Whichever diamond cut you choose has more to do with personal preferences. Many buyers simply notice that they prefer one cut to another.

Have any other questions or concerns on buying jewelry? Call our jewelry experts at toll free at (888) 517-3777 Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm PT or click here to email us anytime.

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