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Diamonds are meant to last forever, and so will diamond wedding rings with the proper care, cleaning, and maintenance. Although diamonds are the most hard and durable natural gemstone known to man, these stones still require specific care in order to maintain their luster. Improper cleaning and care of diamonds set in jewelry could lead the stones being damaged.

While all diamond jewelry must be properly cared for, diamond wedding rings, in particular require particular attention. Wedding rings are worn as a symbol of love and eternity between two people. This piece of jewelry is therefore generally worn day in and day out. Everyday our hands come into contact with many different products. Cooking oil, harsh detergents, and soaps, hair care products and hand lotions are just a few examples of products we use on a daily basis. These products often leave a film of grease and grime on diamond wedding rings, causing them to lose their sparkle.

Accumulated dirt and grime can also collect behind the diamond. Wedding rings should be safely and effectively cleaned on a regular basis. Diamonds set in jewelry are often coated with materials to enhance their luster. Harsh cleaners and abrasives can sometimes removes these coatings leaving jewelry dull and damaged.

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Before cleaning diamond wedding rings or any other diamond jewelry, it is important to find out what coating was used on the diamond and if there are any particular cleaning instructions for that specific stone. All diamond jewelry can then be soaked in a solution of a mild detergent and warm water. A soft brush can then be used to gently remove any accumulated dirt and grime. The brush must be used to remove dirt from both behind the ring as well and dirt that has collected on the top of the stone. It is important that the bristles of the brush are very soft, as firm bristles will damage the metal of a diamond wedding ring.

The ring must then be rinsed thoroughly in warm water. If there is still dirt on the ring then a wooden toothpick can be used to lift the dirt out. Care must be taken when doing this so as not to damage or to loosen the diamond. Wedding rings should be put through this process often to avoid an excessive build up of grime on the ring. Also be sure to rinse the ring through a strainer or to put a filter on the drain. The only thing worse than dirty diamond rings are diamond wedding rings that have gone down the drain!

The ring can then be dried with a soft, lint free cloth. Rings that have dulled or have collected grime should be cleaned to avoid further damage. It is also a good idea to protect your diamond wedding rings and bracelets from the start, as prevention is better than cure. This can be done by either removing jewelry to protect them from harsh products, or by wearing gloves when using these products. Proper care of diamond jewelry will ensure that they maintain their sparkle and shine.

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