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For most cultures love, trust, and hope are all symbolic of marriage, and for each person, the portrayal of these qualities is an individual matter. The choice of a wedding ring is therefore of utmost importance, to be worn for many years it is not only a commitment to another half but also a strong sense of what the commitment symbolizes. In modern day living traditional weddings are still very popular so for many people who are looking for classic elegance and therefore a timeless piece of jewelry then a Gold Wedding Ring would be the answer. Whether you prefer small and petite or large and eye-catching the Gold Wedding Ring has no limitations.

Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is a precious metal that was discovered thousands of years ago, as early as 3,000 BC. Through technology and intelligent minds, this metal has been melted and mixed forming gold of varying durability, purity, and color. The choice of a Gold Wedding Ring may depend on such factors as how much you are willing to spend, the type of ring you are looking for, whether the Gold Ring is there to compliment or replace the engagement ring, etc...

Gold Wedding Rings are assessed according to their weight and number of karats. The most affordable yet durable Wedding Ring would be one that is 14k Gold, consisting of 58.5% Gold and combined with other metals. Slightly more expensive is 18k gold consisting of 75% pure gold and lastly 22k - 24k Gold, consisting of 199% pure gold and the richest in color. It is important to note that the more pure the gold the softer it is and the more easily it can scratch. Severe damage can be prevented with regular cleaning at the Jeweler, also, regular wearing of a 24k gold ring may cause it to deform after a few years. Therefore, consideration for the purpose of the ring is important.

Selecting a Gold Wedding Ring can be timely and to find exactly what you are looking for may take longer than expected. The advantage of Gold Wedding Rings is that everyone all over the world either owns one or has seen one so the only point of concern should be quality of craftsmanship and the style which you desire; this is obviously made easier when the choice is not limited by the seller.

At there is a wide selection of Gold Wedding Rings that are custom fit to each individual, whether you prefer white or yellow gold, engraving of a special message, or resizing of the ring. All the options are included for your satisfaction and convenience. Expertly crafted to perfection with a style for each personality one does not need to spend thousand of dollars, you just need to locate the experts in the right place. JewelryVortex not only offers a wide choice of Gold Wedding Rings they also offer them at very affordable prices so that anyone can have the special day they have always dreamed of.

Browse Gold Wedding Rings
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