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SHOPPING GUIDE: Popular Diamond Settings
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When choosing a diamond set for your engagement ring or wedding band, there are many things to think about, such as your budget, preferences, and style to consider. We can help you choose a diamond engagement ring and wedding band settings that fit your style.

Before shopping, understand the differences between the various diamond settings - channel settings, pave settings, bezel settings, tension settings and cathedral settings. Read below to learn more about these settings:

Channel Setting
Channel set rings are a classic wedding ring style. In this kind of setting, there is a row of diamonds inlayed vertically along the band. This kind of setting is usually found in engagement rings, but can also be found in shoulder accents to a wedding ring.
channel set diamond ring
Pave Setting
"Pave" means "pavement" in the old world sense - cobble stones that are laid close together. In this setting, each diamond is carefully chosen for its size and cut, and then they are carefully set within the engagement ring or wedding band. These clusters of what are usually quite tiny diamonds create huge impact but are usually not terribly expensive because the small diamonds are less expensive than larger diamonds. Engagement rings with diamond side stones commonly use this setting.
pave set diamond rings
Bezel Setting
A bezel set ring features a metal rim that completely encircles the stone and ends slightly above it. Usually it stretches around the diamond's entire circumference, or sometimes if stretches just around a portion of it. One of the advantages of a bezel set diamond is that the diamond is held securely in the setting, making this kind of ring a good pick for people with active lifestyles who are afraid they might lose their diamond.
bezel set diamond ring
Tension Setting
Tension set diamonds are sometimes referred to as "suspended diamonds" because it can appear they are suspended in their settings. They are usually secured on two sides by gold or platinum but it often appears as if the metal is not touching the diamonds at all but rather that they are floating in the setting.
tension set diamond ring
Cathedral Setting
Cathedral set diamonds are popular among brides for a reason. As the name implies, the diamonds are set into a metal frame that mimics the architectural elements in a cathedral and which are found in the alcoves, windows and pews. These diamond rings feature a setting that holds the diamond high and with reverence, much as a cathedral holds its various architectural elements in high regard.
cathedral setting ring

There is no right or wrong setting for brides, only personal preference. Some brides might prefer simple settings while others might like the elegance and grace of a bezel set. Knowing the difference in the various settings is critical to discovering which style you prefer.

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