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SHOPPING GUIDE: Two Types of Wedding Sets
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Most men and women choose to get engagement rings and wedding bands separately. For a better value, why not consider getting wedding sets? There a couple types of wedding sets - Wedding Ring Sets for women and Wedding Band Sets for brides and grooms. Choosing a wedding set is a relatively simple matter, or not, actually. Much depends on how much you understand about the basics of wedding sets and what you prefer. There might be budgetary concerns and limitations, or the sky might be the limit. Regardless of the budget and preferences, the basics should be understood before shopping commences.

Wedding Ring Sets
a.k.a. Bridal Ring Sets, Bridal Sets, and Engagement Ring Sets

Wedding Ring Set Wedding ring sets usually refer to a two-ring set consisting of a diamond engagement ring and a matching wedding ring, which can be a simple wedding band or something more ornate. Usually a wedding ring set includes a diamond engagement ring that has some kind of matching band that matches it.

Enhancer Wedding Ring Sets
Enhancer wedding ring sets usually rest right against the diamond engagement ring and they usually sit just below the diamond. They are usually paired with solitaire engagement rings and are ideal for the woman who wants a fairly sleek and simple look.

Contour-Style Sets
The most common wedding ring sets you see are the counter-style sets. These sets have a wedding band and engagement ring that fit snuggle together inside the contours of the rings. The wedding bands, which are uniquely designed to fit the engagement rings, are usually rarely worn alone as they look better when worn with the paired engagement rings.

Scaffold Sets
Another common type of wedding ring sets are scaffold sets. This style of ring set includes a diamond engagement ring and a wedding band which is designed to let the engagement ring fit within the band, creating a support that resembles a scaffold. Because these ring sets provide such a cohesive design, this set appears as one ring when worn together.

Wedding Band SetsWedding Band Set

Many couples choose thse style of wedding band because the women and men's wedding rings coordinate. These sets will include a wedding band for both him and her. The man's band will usually be a bit thicker and larger, but the women's band will be a bit thinner and will look appropriate next to a diamond engagement ring.

Some wedding band sets include a band that has a small diamond in for the man, while the woman's band will be plain and simple next to her diamond engagement ring. Some couples will choose to only wear wedding bands and the simplicity and look of the matching bands gives them the coordinating look they desire.

No matter the style you choose, the ideal is to choose a wedding set that works with your style, budget, and preferences.

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Browse Wedding Ring Sets
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