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Jewelry Blog: Cobalt
Before Choosing A Cobalt Ring

Last week, we talked about the titanium rings' pros and cons.  Besides titanium, cobalt rings are also gaining in popularity, and yet, a lot of people know little about this contemporary metal. cobalt wedding band

Selecting a wedding ring is an important decision. It is an accessory that is meant to be worn an entire lifetime. Because it is a symbol of love and devotion, many people want to wear the wedding ring that they were given in the ceremony throughout their lives, rather than updating their rings or buying a new one every so often in order to keep up with current jewelry trends. That is the one of the reasons why it is so important to choose a wedding band that is timeless. With a wide variety of different metals to choose from, it is easier than ever to select a wedding band that can withstand many years of heavy use. Before buying a ring, reading about cobalt pros & cons can help people to understand more about this type of metal.

Pros and Cons of Cobalt Rings:


One of the newest and most groundbreaking innovations to wedding bands is the introduction of different types of metal. Understanding cobalt's qualities can help people to make an educated decision on wedding rings rather than simply going by looks or price.

Highly Durable
Another compelling feature of cobalt wedding rings is that they maintain their beauty. Unlike other types of metal, cobalt is scratch resistant, tarnish resistant, and luster resistant, making it unnecessary to constantly be cleaning or “re-dipping” the ring. Because cobalt is extremely durable, it is a great choice for a ring that will be worn during work and play.

Cobalt is also more affordable than most precious metal rings, which makes them a great option for people on a budget.

Unlike tungsten and titanium rings, most cobalt bands can be resized up. However, they can be resized down to a smaller size if they are plain with no intricate designs and gemstones.

Color is similar to platinum
Cobalt rings are bright silver in color. The color is more similar to platinum than that of silver, tungsten, titanium, or white gold.



There are some aspects of choosing a cobalt ring that certain people will find unappealing.

No investment value
Cobalt isn’t considered a precious metal, so it has no investment value.

Limited Selections
Another factor that may make buying a cobalt ring a little more difficult is the fact that it is a more recent addition to jewelry stores, meaning that there may be a limited variety of cobalt wedding band designs, as opposed to other, more popular metals.  However, our online store currently offers over 30 styles in stock.


While cobalt is extremely durable, it is also important to realize that this is a fairly heavy metal. In a medical emergency, a cobalt ring may need to be cut off, rather than slid off of the finger. First responders and medical staff should have tools that can remove these types of jewelry.

By taking the cobalt rings' pros and cons into consideration, you can know whether this contemporary metal is the right choice for you.

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