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Jewelry Blog: Tungsten
Tungsten Rings Pros and Cons

Tungsten ring sales are booming!  We sold more than double the number of tungsten rings in 2011 than in 2010.  In our last blog post, titled “Has the Economy Changed Approaches to Wedding Ring-Buying?” we said that we noticed that our contemporary metal ring jewelry sales increased and our customers view wedding bands differently than in the past.   One of these contemporary metal rings includes tungsten.  Its many fine qualities and affordability allure many people into buying tungsten wedding bands or jewelry accessories, especially for men.

As a contemporary metal, tungsten is relatively one of the newest metals to be used to create jewelry and less known.  Tungsten has a steel grey, industrial metallic color, and it can also make black tungsten rings.  While tungsten does have many advantages, it does have some cons.  See our table below to see tungsten’s pros and cons.

Tungsten Pros and Cons:

Tungsten Pros

Dense weight similar to platinum
When wearing tungsten rings, they will as if you are wearing gold or platinum.  Other contemporary metal rings, such as titanium, are lightweight, compared to tungsten.

Highly scratch resistant
Tungsten is virtually scratch-resistant.  No other metal ring compares to its scratch resistance than tungsten.

If you are allergic to gold and silver, consider tungsten, which is hypoallergenic.

Tarnish free
Unlike silver wedding bands, tungsten rings have no tarnish.  You can continue to wear these rings for many years without dulling.

Melting point is the highest out of all metals
Tungsten can withstand high heat environments. 

Tungsten costs much less than gold and platinum, so the price will be cheaper than wedding bands made of platinum and gold.  Currently, our tungsten ring prices start at $50, and tungsten wedding rings with diamonds, prices start at $175.

  Tungsten Wedding Band
Tungsten Cons

Misconception of tungsten being indestructible
While tungsten is a highly durable metal, tungsten rings can unfortunately break if they were hit with a huge amount of force.  Wear these rings in less stressful environments.  You can also consider buying Benchmark tungsten rings, which are made with the best craftsmanship and offer a lifetime warranty.  If the ring breaks, Benchmark will replace any registered ring free of charge.

Not sizeable
Tungsten bands have no abilities to be resized once they are made.  Be sure to pick your correct size when choosing tungsten wedding rings.


Tungsten has many great qualities to offer as a wedding band and a superb fashion accessory for men and women.  It’s durable, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic, and affordable.  Also, it comes in a wide variety of designs from traditional to ultra modern and unique.  Consider adding tungsten rings to your jewelry collection today.

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