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Jewelry Blog: Wedding Rings
Why Are Ceramic Rings Becoming Popular?
Looking for a new ring that is fashionable and reasonably priced?  Consider ceramic.  Ceramic jewelry is becoming more and more popular over the past couple of years. The sleek and shiny, modern, high-tech look attracts many people who want something eye-catching. More practical folk may opt for ceramic due to the durability and inexpensive price. Some just like an unconventional choice. Many couples choose ceramic wedding bands over traditional choices such as a plain gold band. The wide variety of looks and styles available also contributes to the rising demand for ceramic rings as fashion accessories for men and women.7mm beveled edge ceramic ring

If you are unfamiliar with high-tech ceramic, you may be wondering why anyone would want a ceramic ring. Aren't they fragile? No, these ceramics are nothing like the more familiar ceramics used in pottery and figurines. In fact, ceramic rings composed of high-tech ceramics such as titanium carbide, a combination of titanium and carbon, are very durable. Titanium, aptly named after the Titans of Greek mythology, is used in many applications that require a strong yet lightweight substance, such as aerospace engineering. Carbon, of course, is a major component of diamonds. You may know of titanium carbide's extensive use in cutting tools. The substance's hardness and resistance to wear makes it perfect for that, as well as many other industrial applications. It also makes it perfect for creating tough, shatter-resistant, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and easy-to-maintain jewelry.

silver-inlay ceramic wedding bandCeramic rings are very affordable in comparison to rings made from gold, platinum, and other traditional materials. Yet, unlike most other inexpensive jewelry options, ceramic is high quality and long lasting, making it an excellent value. Ceramic rings are available in a wide variety of styles. The most common are simple black bands, but that is only the beginning. Etched designs, faceted surfaces, and inlays of metals, precious stones, wood, carbon fiber, and many other materials offer an almost endless variety of choices. Ceramic rings may be considered unconventional currently.  Yet, it is easy to see why they are becoming a standard option at fine jewelry stores and likely to continue to be a favorite choice.

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