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Jewelry Blog: Titanium
Dispelling Myths About Titanium & Tungsten Rings

Unlike gold and silver, little is known about emerging metals, such as tungsten and titanium, in the jewelry industryThese metals were mainly used to make products in the aeronautical, medical, and other industrial fields for many years and are now expanding into jewelry and more artistic areasThat means that your fashion options are increasing.  As these contemporary metals gain mblack tungsten ringore popularity in the wedding band jewelry industry, more information about tungsten and titanium rings surface, which unfortunately includes myths.  Let's address these myths.


Unlike popular belief, titanium is not a relatively new material; it was discovered in 1791 by a gentleman in Cornwall, England. It was given the name, titanium, because it reminded scientists of the Titans, mythological characters in Greece.   Tungsten dates back even further – to the medieval period and its name means "heavy stone."  This material is considered fragile in its natural form, but German and Swiss scientists developed a method in the late 1700s that turned tungsten into a hard and durable metal, primarily used for industrial purposes. 

Titanium and tungsten debut as jewelry

In the 1990s, titanium and tungsten began to appear in the jewelry industry and immediately attracted interest because of their durability and toughness – especially as men's wedding rings.  Today, it is possible to find titanium and tungsten rings sold in regular jewelry stores, some high-end jewelry stores, and even in art galleries.  Titanium and tungsten come in different compositions which produces different levels of strength. 

Grades of titanium:

  • commercial pure (contains 99.2% of titanium)
  • aircraft grade (contains 90% titanium)

Grades of tungsten:cz channel set titanium ring

  • tungsten carbide with nickel (considered the best quality for tungsten jewelry)
  • tungsten carbide with cobalt (excellent for industrial purposes, not recommended for jewelry)

Both metals come in a variety of styles, finishes, and can be incorporated with gemstones and other designs for a completely unique look.

The myths

Because these two metals are scratch resistant, will not bend, and are highly durable, many people believe that you cannot cut them or resize them.  That part is true.  Once they are made, they cannot be resized.  Exceptions can be made with titanium rings, which can be resized just a little bit with extreme caution, although it is highly unrecommended.  I have also heard a theory that this myth came from the fact that in the movie, The Abyss, a titanium ring is used to prevent a hydraulic set of doors from closing entirely.  Actually, these rings can be cut off in the event of an emergency with the same tools that ambulance staff and hospitals use for gold rings.  Besides worrying about emergencies, some people believe that tungsten rings will never shatter.  However, they can shatter if hit with a strong enough force in certain angles.  Tungsten is one of the hardest Earth metals, and it has to be shaved and reshaped to form a ring, which makes tungsten's structure different.  Compare it to gold, which can dent and titanium which can scratch.  Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned if you are considering a titanium or tungsten wedding ring.


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Pros & Cons of Titanium Rings

For those who are planning a wedding, one of the major considerations is the type of wedding band you should have. In the past couple of years, titanium and tungsten took their place among the most stylish options, but their popularity has been tempered with fears that are based on medical myths and over exaggerated stories. For anyone who is considering choosing a wedding band, it is important to understand the titanium ring pros and cons so that you can know whether this popular type of ring is right for you.


There are many different reasons that people like the idea of using titanium for their wedding band. After reading more about this contemporary metal's qualities, you may consider titanium as a viable option.

Strong and durable
One of the biggest draws to a titanium ring is that it is highly sturdy. For those who play sports or do any type of physical labor for their job or for a hobby, one of the most frustrating aspects of wearing a gold wedding ring is the fact that it begins to wear down and may even bend over time. Titanium is a naturally durable metal that is unlikely to become damaged. Many people love the fact that they can wear their rings in so many different situations without worrying about it bending or wearing down.

Titanium can come in a variety of different colors, ranging from a lighter silver, similar to white gold or platinum, all the way to dark charcoal or black. People who choose titanium rings love that they can select the precise color that they want in a ring.

Strong and durable
They also love that this is one of the most affordable ring options available.  You can find many quality and fashionable bands under $100.

Titanium is one of the lightest metals, so these rings do not feel as if they are weighing down your hand.

black tungsten ring


titanium wedding band

It is important to recognize that every choice has positive and negative aspects. Understanding the pros & cons can help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Not sizable
While a titanium wedding band is extremely affordable, it is also a metal that cannot be resized. For some people, this means that they may need to purchase new wedding bands sometime in the future if their ring sizes change.

No investment value
Titanium is not a precious metal, which is one of the reasons that it is less expensive than other options.  That means, it has no investment value like gold and silver and is not traded in the financial markets.

Not scratch-resistant
Unlike tungsten jewelry, as mentioned in our past tungsten ring blog post, titanium is not completely scratch resistant. Although it is very durable and will not likely break or bend, it can get scratches that become permanent, if it is subjected to a certain level of pressure and resistance.  Keep in mind, platinum and gold jewelry can scratch as well.

By considering the many aspects of titanium, you can make an educated decision about whether titanium is the right type of wedding band for you.

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