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Wedding Ring Sets Guide
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Diamond Wedding Ring Set
Wedding rings sets, a.k.a. engagement ring sets and bridal ring sets, consists of an engagement ring that fits and matches perfectly with a wedding ring. It is a symbol of two people becoming one. The never-ending bands show the eternal love you share with her. If she plans on wearing her engagement ring and wedding band everyday, choose a wedding ring set.

JewelryVortex carries a fine selection of wedding ring sets in 14k gold, 18k gold, white gold, platinum, and titanium. Give her a true symbol of your love. She will appreciate the beauty and quality in our rings. Why walk from store to store when you can shop at home on your own time? Browse our selection of wedding ring sets. We carry solitaires, solitaires with accents, cubic zirconia, diamonds, pearls, and more.

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14K Gold Rings Guide
Browse 14K Gold Rings Guide

The stunning, 14K gold rings found on JewelryVortex can be shipped within two to five business days. This efficient turnaround has helped thousands of customers reach important holiday, birthday and anniversary deadlines. Last minute shopping is inevitable for some people. Even with the help of post-it notes and string-wrapped fingers, buying a gift on time in impossible. If you are prone to browsing at the eleventh hour the Internet could prove very beneficial.

To view our entire collection click on 14K Gold Rings or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 866-808-0404. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

The Widest Collection of 14K Gold Rings and Other Jewelry

Birthdays, Valentine's Day and the December holidays always seem to sneak up on people. Too much procrastination and the shopping malls are picked over leaving behind last season's styles and returns. Others have taken the lazy road and opted to purchase gift certificates for friends and loved ones. Luckily there is a better way. At JewelryVortex, our in-stock collection of 14K gold bands and other jewelry never wavers. Our wholesale providers keep our inventory stocked to the brim with all the latest fashion trends. Our customers can visit our site any time throughout the year and repeatedly take advantage of our one-of-a-kind jewelry and factory direct pricing.

Our efficient shipping methods further add to the convenience of online shopping at Jewelry Vortex. Each of our 14K gold rings , diamond pendants and wedding band collections can be shipped anywhere in the United States and to other international locations. To further improve your online shopping experience, shipping charges are waived for orders exceeding 100 dollars. There is finally an answer to procrastination--it is online shopping at Jewelry Vortex.

The benefits and advantages of shopping online at Jewelry Vortex are undeniable. First we offer a wide selection of merchandise encompassing white and yellow gold, gemstones, chains, loose diamonds and more. Next, we provide our customers with access to factory direct pricing which at times can be 50 percent of the retail price. Then there is the free shipping on purchases over $100, not to mention the 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you are unsatisfied. Whether you are looking for a designer watch or 14K gold rings, Jewelry Vortex is the Web's number one resource for affordable fine jewelry.

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Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Wedding Bands

Wedding Band for Women

A wedding is a glorious celebration that we all want to experience and jewelry does play a part in all of it. The perfect wedding band can make all the difference!

Wedding bands have a monetary and sentimental value to married couples. This symbol of love and commitment can come with a hefty price tag. While some people choose their bands based on gemstone or precious metal preference, others are forced to base their decision on budget. Without the right resources, wedding jewelry can require both a significant financial and time investment. Smart shoppers have taken their business to the Web in search of competitive pricing, unique merchandise and quality gems.

To view our entire wedding band collection click on Wedding Bands or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 866-808-0404. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

two tone gold wedding bands

The Convenient Way of Buying Wedding Bands

The wedding bands at JewelryVortex are obtained through our network of reputable wholesale manufacturers. How can we afford to discount our merchandise as low as the prices you'll see on our site? Years of experience have helped us build lucrative relationships with the world's most prestigious jewelry providers. This rapport is evident through the factory direct pricing and wide selection of fine jewelry we offer.

Not only is our wedding band jewelry affordable, but the customer service we offer supports our mission to provide consumers with the best quality merchandise in a hassle-free environment. Each of our hand-made diamond collections and wedding bands come with our guarantee and commitment to service excellence. Our experienced team of professionals is well-trained and can provide you with the jewelry expertise you need in order to make your purchase confidently. Each piece of merchandise sold on Jewelry Vortex is carefully inspected, assuring it meets the needs and specifications of the customer.

With efficient worldwide shipping, Jewelry Vortex is able to deliver wedding bands to any U.S. location and many international destinations. Many of the products you'll see on Jewelry Vortex are in stock and available for shipping in just a few business days. If you are in search of an exceptional piece of jewelry at an unbelievable price, look no further. Browse through our inventory of diamonds, gold and platinum to find the ring you've been searching for.

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Dora Jewelry, Dora Rings, & Wedding Bands

Browse Dora Rings and Dora Wedding Bands

Dora Rings & Wedding Bands is a world leader in the manufacturing and sales of engagement and wedding rings. We proudly provide a wide range of Dora Signature styles and designs, while never sacrificing quality.

Dora sets a global presence focused on world-class manufacturing, service and support. With distribution in over 30 countries, the rich diversity of Dora manufacturing techniques and personnel helps us offer the best product available at the most reasonable price.

Dora Wedding Ring

Wedding planning can be stressful and take months and months of preparation. All arrangements must be taken care of, from the caterer to the invitations and from the wedding gown to the wedding rings. To take the hassle out of searching for the perfect rings & wedding bands, why not purchase Dora jewelry? Dora is a European based company that is family-owned and that specializes in creating wedding rings. Dora jewelry has now become world renowned for their exceptional quality, value for money and unique designs.

Many soon-to-be-engaged or engaged couples spend months searching for the perfect ring. In most cases the perfect ring is not found in the jewelry shop window. Every bride-to-be, or woman for that matter, has an idea of what her ideal wedding ring must look like. In most cases, when the perfect ring cannot be found, there is a compromise.

With Dora jewelry there is no need for any compromises. Dora rings are custom-made and created to your specifications.

18k Dora Wedding Band for Men

Brides-to-be can choose their perfect wedding ring from the large selection our catalog. Dora rings can also be customized according to your tastes and preferences. Your Dora wedding band can be made according to the style that you prefer, be it modern, vintage, classic or traditional. You will always be happy with you Dora ring because it will be exactly what you want.

Dora offers a choice of ring widths and thickness and diamonds sizes, shapes and weights. When looking for quality, you cannot go wrong by choosing Dora. Jewelry created by Dora has a lifetime warranty. A personal certificate will also accompany your Dora ring to ensure that it is quality guaranteed against any manufacturing faults.

The high quality of Dora wedding rings ensures that it has timeless appeal. The fact that Dora rings will be made according to your choices means that you will always love the style and be happy with the type of metal used in the ring, be it yellow gold, white gold, platinum or titanium. The gold used in the Dora ring collection can be either 14 karat or 18 karat. You can also choose the type, size, cut and shape of the diamond you wish to set in your Dora customized ring.

There is also a hallmark stamped inside all Dora jewelry to assure you of its authenticity and to show that it has been made according to the specifications provided by you. Dora rings and wedding bands are available for both men and women, and with various combinations of metal and diamonds. Stockists of Dora jewelry can generally supply the rings to customers within 3 weeks. The metals used to make the rings are also 100% hypoallergenic. When choosing wedding rings, Dora jewelry has everything to offer - from quality to customer satisfaction.

Browse Dora Rings and Dora Wedding Bands

Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. The importance of the ring has a tendency to put undue stress on the part of the purchaser. Furthermore, the process of shopping for and selecting the appropriate ring can be both frustrating and time consuming. With a little help from JewelryVortex buying an engagement ring can be an easy and affordable experience.

To view our entire collection click on Engagement Rings or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 888-517-3777. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

First there is the cut, clarity and color of a diamond. Equally as important as the diamond itself is the precious metal and setting for the ring, wherein lies half of the frustration. There are just too many options to choose from. White gold, yellow gold and platinum are usually the top metals of choice. Since the ring is symbolic of your relationship, how can you determine which one will best reflect the bond shared between you?

Conquering the Challenges of Shopping for Engagement Rings

How can consumers simplify the process without compromising on quality, service and price? The answer is JewelryVortex. With an extensive selection of engagement rings to choose from, JewelryVortex helps shoppers overcome the traditional obstacles of engagement ring shopping.

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Diamond Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Diamond Wedding Bands
Men's Diamond Wedding Band

Diamond wedding bands are an eternal symbol of the union of marriage. Whether they come in gold, silver or platinum their purpose works to define the love two people promise to share throughout the days of their lives. As such, they must be strong, durable, and aptly reflect the love two people share. We feel the wedding collections on JewelryVortex do just that.

To view our entire collection click on Diamond Wedding Bands or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 888-517-3777. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

Our wide selection of wedding jewelry has become the number one choice for thousands of brides and grooms-to-be. Why are so many people choosing Jewelry Vortex as their preferred resource for fine mens and womens jewelry? Over the years we have built relationships with the top jewelry manufacturers in the world. As our tenure suggests, we offer the most elaborate selection of diamond wedding bands and engagement collections available on the Web. For years, the inventory we offer has played an integral role in hundreds of marriage ceremonies.

women's diamond wedding bandOur selection of bands includes ornate designs cast in yellow or white gold. Each set of couple rings is available in men's and women's sizes from five to fifteen. Most of these sizes are in-stock and available for shipping in five business days. Even if you've waited till the last minute to purchase the wedding rings, rest assured JewelryVortex will supply you with a beautiful set in record time.

Save 30% on Diamond Wedding Bands

The prices you'll find on JewelryVortex are unparalleled in the industry. Through our network of fine jewelry partners, we are able to offer factory direct pricing on all of the merchandise you see in our online store. These prices often reflect a 30 percent cost savings to the consumer. The savings you'll find on our site are the reason our customers repeatedly visit JewelryVortex. Our discounted pricing affects our entire collection of inventory, so frequent visitors are likely to find something new to purchase each time they visit JewelryVortex.

Before succumbing to the prices of traditional brick and mortar jewelers, consider giving Jewelry Vortex a try. The risk-free shopping experience you'll enjoy at JewelryVortex can not be found anywhere else on the Web. With our 30-day guarantee you are under no financial obligation if you aren't satisfied with the merchandise. Isn't saving 30 percent on diamond wedding bands worth a try? Many of our customers took a chance with Jewelry Vortex and now depend on us for all fine jewelry and watch purchases.

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White Gold Rings Guide
Browse White Gold Rings
Browse White Gold Engagement Rings

white gold rings for men

White gold rings are an affordable alternative to platinum. While wedding bands are an eternal symbol of commitment, they don't necessarily have to break the bank. The precious metal options vary by color, strength, and cost. For men and women who prefer to wear silver metals as opposed to traditional yellow gold, the options can be expensive. Platinum and titanium offer a similar style and durability although the price tag normally reflects these advantages.

A white gold ring makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary or engagement. Its sheer beauty will bring any person joy. This ring is made from the finest in white gold and was manufactured with the highest of standards in mind.

To view our entire collection click on Wedding Rings or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 866-808-0404. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

White Gold Rings at JewelryVortex

To maintain style while eliminating nearly half of the cost, consider purchasing white gold rings from JewelryVortex. These handcrafted rings come in a variety of styles such as plain comfort-fit bands, fancy jewel encrusted patterns, or couples collections. White gold is nearly identical to platinum and may be the perfect solution to your style and budget. In addition to the affordability of white gold, JewelryVortex shoppers also benefit from the factory direct pricing and 30-day guarantee.

White Gold Rings for Women

Choosing between yellow or white gold rings can be a difficult decision to make. The trends vary between yellow and white gold and people's preferences may change over the course of a lifetime. In these cases the two-toned rings at JewelryVortex will suffice. These rings weave white and yellow gold together to produce a versatile piece of fine jewelry. Our two-tone selection is one of the most unique on the Web. The intricately carved detail of the items found in the wedding collection is exclusive to

The exchange of wedding rings is a unique experience to every couple. To symbolize this distinctiveness, choose from the merchandise at JewelryVortex. Browse through our couples collections, engagement rings and men's wedding bands in search of the ring that best suit a left hand. As you will see, our hand-made, customized wedding jewelry is unmatched in quality, price and beauty.

Browse White Gold Engagement Rings
Browse White Gold Rings
Gold Rings Guide
Browse Gold Rings
18k Gold Band

Solid gold rings can be a symbol of unending marital bliss. The process of choosing these rings should be equally enjoyable. As such, we encourage you to browse through our creative inventory of wedding bands. Our collection includes a wide array of sizes, prices and precious metals which appeal to our mix of customers. For those looking for a simple wedding band collection, solid gold or platinum rings may suffice. What if you're looking for a unique set of bands to symbolize this one-of-a-kind union?

To view our entire collection click on Gold Rings or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 866-808-0404. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

Gold Ring

At Jewelry Vortex you can find a wide variety of distinctive jewelry in stock and available for shipping anywhere in the United States. Gold rings platinum earrings and diamond encrusted bands are just a small sampling of the merchandise at Jewelry Vortex. Furthermore, many of our clients take advantage of our custom-made orders to capture the individuality they crave. Others begin the jewelry selection process by purchasing loose diamonds from Jewelry Vortex and then creating an exclusive design all their own.

To help you create your own jewelry, accurately and efficiently, we've taken some additional steps to improve your shopping experience. The images you see on our site are an accurate presentation of what you'll receive in the mail. Our motto of "what you see is what you get" is just part of our service and quality guarantee. Additionally, if you are unsatisfied with any purchase from Jewelry Vortex, simply return it and we will fully refund your money.

Why You Should Buy Gold Rings from Jewelry Vortex

Choosing Jewelry Vortex can help you obtain elegant, unique and superior quality jewelry for much less than you would traditionally pay. The ease and convenience of our website enables shoppers to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively find the gold rings and other products they are looking for. What other traditional jewelry store can offer these same benefits? We're convinced that Jewelry Vortex will soon become your number one choice for fine jewelry.

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Cubic Zirconia Rings Guide
Browse Cubic Zirconia Rings

At Jewelry Vortex, we have a solution for looking smart and elegant at very low prices. Buying a cubic zirconia ring is the perfect alternative to paying for genuine diamonds, without having to sacrifice on your style. Our fine female and male zirconia ring collection includes 3-stone rings, eternity bands, and much more! Cubic zirconia (CZ) rings are the best substitute for genuine diamonds that your friends and acquaintances will never detect. You can save up to 90% from buying a genuine stone and still maintain your image.

Cubic Zirconia Ring

To view our entire collection click on Cubic Zirconia Rings or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 866-808-0404. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

Affordable Cubic Zirconia Rings

Our cubic zirconia ring collection provides a sensible substitute for those on a tight budget. Diamond rings can cost thousands of dollars depending on the cut, clarity and carat weight. By swapping cubic zirconia for diamonds, shoppers can save close to 90 percent without compromising on beauty.

At Jewelry Vortex we understand the obstacles and challenges of purchasing jewels online. Without the ability to see first-hand or touch the merchandise, making a decision can be difficult. Through full-color images, and design-your-own-jewelry functionality, we are making it easier for our customers to make confident buying decisions. Our site's functionality is helping many people overcome the hesitations that have previously deterred shoppers from taking advantage of Internet offers

By using our online design tools, shoppers can create customized cubic zirconia rings. This feature allows shoppers and recipients to design and choose their own jewelry before anyone commits to the purchase financially. Designers can choose from silver, white and yellow gold settings, princess, pear or heart shaped stones. The options are unlimited and the prices have never been more reasonable. Use this design functionality and send your customized ring through e-mail, or add it to your very own Jewelry Vortex wish list.

Browse Cubic Zirconia Rings
Diamond Semi Mounts Guide
Browse Diamond Semi Mounts
Diamond Semi Mount

Diamond semi mounts, a.k.a. ring settings, are a unique alternative to traditional solitaire rings and solid bands. These settings combine intricately designed bands and a pronged setting to hold the center stone. The end result is a dual-purpose, combination engagement ring and wedding band.

To view our entire collection click on Diamond Semi Mounts or if you have any questions contact us Toll-Free at 888-517-3777. One of our customer service representatives will answer any questions you might have.

Create Your Ring with Diamond Semi Mounts

This may be the optimal solution for women who prefer to wear only one ring. The diamond semi mounts on Jewelry Vortex allow users to customize a ring through a simple point and click process. This technology enables shoppers to view the ring prior to finalizing the purchase. Prior to this technological breakthrough, many online shoppers refused to buy customized fine jewelry over the Web. Now, with our step-by-step building process, shoppers can view their ring as it is begin created, thus resulting in a more confident purchase.

Diamond Semi Mount

Selecting a center stone for diamond semi mounts is made simpler with the shape and sizing chart on JewelryVortex. First-time diamond buyers may be confused when deciding between princess and emerald cuts. The cut and weight of the diamonds are depicted in actual size to give shoppers an accurate idea of the final product. While certain cuts of diamond look larger than other, some of the weight is carried in the depth of the diamond. A one carat marquis-shaped diamond may look narrower than a square-shaped princess cut, but compare the depth of the marquis to the shallowness of the princess cut.

Diamond grading reports from the Gem Trade Laboratory are available for many of the center stones you'll find on JewelryVortex. We encourage you to review these reports before choosing a stone for the diamond semi mounts. The reports display accurate measurements, clarity, color grade, depth and much more. Use this information to compare our stones with others found on the Web.

Browse Diamond Semi Mounts
Anniversary Rings Guide
Browse Anniversary Rings and Bands

Diamond Anniversary RingAnniversaries signify your long time devotion to each other, and anniversary bands symbolize that commitment best. Anniversary rings, a.k.a. as eternity bands, consist of diamonds or other precious gemstones encircling the whole ring. However, other types of rings can be used to celebrate your anniversary.

JewelryVortex offers you a wide choice on anniversary jewelry and is the best online jewelry company where you are able to make a choice from our latest selection of anniversary rings and bands at affordable prices to celebrate your anniversary. Our prices are as low as 50% of all other retail prices, so you can purchase your jewellery at retail prices.

We are here to offer you the best solution concerning anniversary bands. The big anniversary day should not be a problem to think about-- we are just a phone call away, and you can purchase all your jewelry products online. Both you and your partner can look elegant and smart on your anniversary day, and celebrate it in style. We are here to make online purchasing easy for you.

Once you purchase any JewelryVortex diamond anniversary ring, we ship it to any part of the United States. You get free shipment services if you purchase any product of over $100. Upon purchasing, shipping can take two days to five days, so you do not have to wait long to pick it up because our shipping methods are very efficient and reliable.

We care about your needs are here to make online purchasing easy and convenient for you. Call our toll free number on 866-808-0404 or visit our website on to view all of our fine jewelry.

Browse Anniversary Rings and Bands
Braided Rings Guide

Browse Hand Braided Rings

Gold Braided Ring

The variety of our hand braided ring collection gives you a choice to purchase unique and classy braided rings. Our braided rings are a carefully crafted, hand braided ring and is one of the most artistic and beautiful items that we have. You can purchase the latest state of the art braided rings for your wedding, anniversary, or engagement, and it will add to your elegant look and unique style.

In our stock, we have elegant braided rings of superior quality and are available to all our clients at low prices compared to other jewelers. The braided rings can be found in both yellow and white gold, which can be engraved or re-sized.

For your convenience, you can purchase gold braided rings online, at the comfort of your home. At JewelryVortex, internet purchasing is designed to make shopping easy for all people internationally. All our first class and high quality products are available at discount prices, which make makes it more cost effective to shop with us.

Upon completion of purchasing, your braided ring will immediately be shipped to you regardless of where you're located and delivery will be made between 2-5 business days. If you unsatisfied for any reason, you have a 30 day money back guarantee, or we can replace the ring. We offer free shipping services for all items over $100, and our shipping services are efficient and reliable.

For your convenience, you can purchase an affordable, unique, and stylish braided rings online. Visit our website: for more information or send us an email at You can also call our toll free number on 866-808-0404 and our friendly staff will help you.

Browse Hand Braided Rings

Braided Wedding Band Guide
Browse Braided Wedding Bands

Two Tone Braided Wedding BandA wedding or marriage is a very important step for any couple as it is a life time commitment. One of the most important factors is the wedding band as it is a symbol of ever lasting love, and a jewelry item that you will wear for a long time. A braided wedding band is a beautiful and unique option.

A braided wedding band has well-crafted, hand braided designs around the ring, made from the best quality yellow gold, silver, white gold, or platinum. This distinctive design makes a special day even lovelier. These woven wedding bands can be made in one metal or a combination of two, which enhances the intricate braided designs. There are simple designs available for the men and maybe larger and more extravagant designs for women but it all depends on what you as a couple prefer.

Braided Wedding BandsWhen you purchase a braided wedding band you purchase a piece of jewelry that screams elegance and grace. These wedding bands don't need to be encrusted with lavish diamonds or other stones because their unique design tends to be beautiful in its own way. Many of the male rings can also be made in titanium if you prefer that option. A wonderful jewelry company that can supply you with this type of wedding band is JewelryVortex. They have a wide range of wedding bands for you to choose from and at very affordable prices so you and your partner can afford to give each other that special gift on your wedding day. You can sometimes spend days looking for a jewelry store that has what you are looking for but it is much easier to make a purchase online and that is why this company has developed a website suited to this option.

JewelryVortex has a large selection of elegant braided wedding bands at great prices. When you make this purchase you will also get free shipping, a free gift box, the option to engrave the bands, and a 30-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with this wonderful purchase. Not many jewelry stores can offer such a fantastic deal. If you are planning that special day and would like to sit down as a couple and order braided wedding bands for the both of you, visit Here you can make a purchase online from the comfort of your own home. You can also phone 1-866-808-0404 for any queries you might have! Choose one of these carefully hand crafted wedding bands today to show a sign of true hearts devotion for one another.

Browse Braided Wedding Bands
Cheap Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Cheap Engagement Rings

Proposing to someone is a big step in life as you are deciding to spend the rest of your life with that partner. It is always helpful if you can find a jewelry store that can offer you a quality, yet cheap engagement ring if you are on a tight budget.

Cheap engagement rings have the same exquisite quality, durability, and beauty as other rings. The only difference is that it has a more affordable price than others. Jewelers, such as JewelryVortex, that have lower overhead costs pass on the savings to their customers. An engagement ring can come in many different designs that are unique and special in their own way. They are made by a trusted manufacturer that only uses the best quality materials so you can be sure that your purchase is one of high standards. The materials used in the creation of any ring can be gold, silver, white gold, platinum and even titanium, this being a popular choice in male rings. These lovely rings can also be encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, pearls or any other precious gem stones. Your jeweler should also be able to give you fantastic advice on how to take care of your ring.

Engagement Ring

When you purchase a cheap engagement ring you can also choose a design that contains your partner's birth stone. Another popular choice today is having a two tone ring that is made with two precious metals such as gold and silver. Many people just prefer an engagement ring to be simple yet elegant and this is also available at many jewelry stores. If the jewelry is of good quality the store should always have some sort of return policy where if you aren't satisfied with your purchase you can return it. Another great thing about an engagement ring is that if it doesn't fit it can be adjusted to your partner's finger. Having a piece of jewelry in the family also means that you are able to someday have a family heirloom so in a few years you can get an appraisal on it so you and your partner have the option of knowing how much the ring is worth.

Jewelry Vortex can offer you a cheap engagement ring to start off a beautiful engagement. They also sell many other fine pieces of jewelry at very affordable prices. They have also developed a very useful website for you to make purchases from the comfort of your own home. When you purchase a ring from Jewelry Vortex you also get free shipping, a free gift box and a thirty day return policy. To make the ring extra special this company also gives you the option of engraving the ring with a special message and they will do it for free as well.

If you would like more information or would like to place an order for one of their stunning jewelry pieces, call us toll free at 1-866-808-0404, or visit us at

Browse Cheap Engagement Rings
Yellow Gold Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

A wedding is a lovely occasion, and for most couples, every detail has to be perfect. Yellow gold wedding bands make the ideal finishing touch to any wedding. With all the styles and designs to choose from, yellow gold has that distinctive touch and value that will catch the eye and make a lovely way to symbolize pure love, devotion, and commitment.

Yellow gold wedding bands come in various styles. One type of yellow gold wedding band are rings laced with beautiful diamonds for men and women. The signature diamond band range is a more unique and special range with diamonds of different colors. With these rings it is possible to create a design of your own. Another unique design that is available in yellow gold is the hand braided ring. This ring was uniquely crafted to look as if the gold and silver or any other materials were braided together. These come in designs for men and women and make the perfect set of wedding bands has it symbolizes true devotion. If you are more artistic and really want something different then you should consider the carved wedding bands as they were carved with artistic patterns in precious metals.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Yellow gold wedding bands also come in fancy designs where they were hand crafted while paying attention to the finer details giving it an elegant look. A seamless wedding band is very modern but simple and shows a sign of taste and style. If you would prefer to have your wedding bands in yellow gold plus another metal then there are a number of two tone rings available for you to choose from. Finally if you want a more extravagant option then there are rings available that have been made by a top designer. These rings come with diamond settings to shine out on your wedding day. Wedding bands with other precious gem stones can be purchased for other unique options. When you purchase something as important as wedding bands its always reassuring to get a guarantee or some sort of return policy so that you can be sure that your purchase is one of high standards and quality.

JewelryVortex has a beautiful range of yellow gold wedding bands for you and your partner to choose from. They have developed a fantastic website for you to browse around and make a purchase from the comfort of your own home. When you make any purchase from this jewelry company you automatically get a thirty day return policy. A free gift box comes with your jewelry piece and JewelryVortex will do all the shipping for free too. If you purchase a piece that can be engraved, they will do this for free making your gift extra special with a touching message. You will also get top advice on how to take care of your jewelry when visiting the website so you can enjoy your purchase for years to come.

Visit JewelryVortex today at You can also call us toll free at 1-888-517-3777.

Browse Yellow Gold Wedding Bands
Diamond Wedding Band Guide
Browse Diamond Wedding Bands

Throughout history, diamonds have always been used as a symbol due to their amazing physical properties. Diamonds are the hardest and most expensive natural gemstone known to man. Their remarkable ability in dispersing light gives diamonds an illustrious appeal. It is no wonder that a diamond wedding band has become so popular as a symbol of love.

A lot of men have a limited knowledge when it comes to choosing diamond wedding bands for their partners. That is why many men opt to let their partners choose the ring themselves. By familiarizing yourself with the basics of diamond selection and by knowing your partner's tastes, selecting the perfect diamond wedding band will be a breeze.

Diamond Wedding Band

Firstly, with the ring itself, it is important to know what your partner prefers. Most people have a preference, be it platinum, yellow gold, or white gold rings. Also, you will need to know what style of diamond wedding band to get. This designs can range from a classic style to a vintage look, or even something bold and modern. Whatever the style is, it must be something that will be comfortable to wear.

Secondly, when choosing the actual diamond for the band, use the four C's as your diamond quality criteria. The four C's are cut, color, carat, and clarity. The clarity refers to any defects or blemishes of the diamond. These defects are sometimes not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes defects can also be hidden by the cut of the diamond. Diamond wedding bands can be set with a solitaire or with many smaller stones. The color of the diamond also determines its value. Pure of perfect diamonds are those that are considered to be absolutely transparent for white diamonds. White diamonds with a slight yellow or pink hue are generally cheaper. Some diamonds with an intense blue or pink color can sometimes be more valuable due to their rarity. These diamonds are known as "fancies," and they are becoming increasingly popular for diamond wedding bands. The carat of the diamond refers to the mass of the diamond. A larger diamond is not necessarily a more beautiful diamond as this is also determined by the cut of the diamond. The total mass of the diamonds in a piece of jewelry is usually quoted in T.C.W or total carat weight. Diamond wedding bands, bracelets and necklaces are usually quoted in T.C.W. The most common shape of a diamond in a wedding band is round, but fancier shapes and cuts are also available. Heart, square and pear-shaped stones are also popular. It would also be good to see what setting and diamond shape looks good on the wear's hand. A delicate setting, for example, may not suit a person with large hands.

Thirdly, another option to consider would be to purchase a loose diamond. In this way your partner can choose the style, setting and ring type of her diamond wedding band This takes the guesswork, such as getting the right size, out of buying the perfect ring. Whatever you do decide though, you won't go wrong with choosing a diamond. It's brilliance and durability has no comparison.

Browse Diamond Wedding Bands
Gold Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Gold Engagement Rings

Gold Engagement RingShopping for gold engagement rings can be fun and exciting but daunting at the same time. With so many products, styles, and settings offered, it is easy to get carried away or become overwhelmed. A few hints and tips will make shopping for the perfect engagement ring much easier.

Firstly, it is important to shop at a jeweler who is reputable and whom you are comfortable with. The jeweler should preferably be a member of Jewelers of America. The jeweler should be able to offer you good advice and you should be comfortable enough to trust the advice. Be careful when shopping online because pictures of gold engagement rings may be different to the real thing.

Decide on a budget before embarking on your search. Gold engagement rings can range in price depending on the type of gold, the craftsmanship and the setting you choose. A ring set with diamonds will obviously be much more expensive than a plain gold ring. Be sure to stick to your budget as you can easily get carried away when shopping for jewelry.

Look for gold engagement rings with a karat mark. Although not required by law, most reputable jewelry stores only carry marked jewelry. Pure gold is soft and is therefore mixed with other metal to make it stronger. The karat mark will tell you what percentage of the ring is pure gold.

Twenty-four karats is pure gold, which is not practical for jewelry. Most gold engagement rings will be between 10 - 18 karat gold. All gold jewelry that carries a karat mark will also have to carry a trademark. A trademark or hallmark is the manufacturer's stamp of approval that endorses the accuracy of the karat mark.

Be sure to examine the craftsmanship of the ring. Gold engagement rings of good craftsmanship should look good from all sides and should not have any rough edges.

Be careful when buying a gold-plated ring as the gold plating will eventually wear away.

Also do not be fooled by the term solid gold. All it means is that the ring is not hollow. It does not mean that the ring is pure gold.

If you are buying a gold engagement ring for your partner as a surprise, make sure you choose a style that he/she likes. Rings are available in numerous styles and settings, from classic to modern. Also make sure you know whether your partner's preference is for white or yellow gold and be sure to find out the ring size.

If you are shopping for gold engagement rings set with diamonds or other gemstones, make sure that these stones are also real. When eventually making your purchase, remember that the price is not only for the gold but for the workmanship as well. Make sure that the karat quality of the ring is listed on your sales slip. Establish a good relationship with your jeweler so that you are comfortable sending your ring in for services such as cleaning, resizing or resetting.

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Gold Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Gold Wedding Bands

Gold Wedding Bands

Consideration of the purchasing of a Wedding Band extends much further than deciding on style and size, one should also be considering how the band should fit and feel, after all, its purpose is to be worn forever. A distinction can be made between comfort fit and classic fit. Comfort fit wedding bands are curved on the inside providing exactly what its name states, a more comfortable feeling, classic fit wedding bands have a flat interior and are thinner on the inside when compared to the comfort fit, choice between the two will depend on individual preferences. Wedding bands, found in traditional white gold, yellow gold and rose gold can be custom fit to suit each person's individual needs.

Amongst the most popular gold wedding bands are those of white gold and yellow gold. The versatility of a gold wedding band is endless, should you prefer a truly individualistic wedding band created from your own imagination, designers are more than happy to comply. Gold Wedding Bands can be engraved without damaging the metal and if taken to a jeweler at least once a year for professional cleaning can be maintained in excellent condition for years ahead.

When purchasing a Gold Wedding Band quality is of utmost importance, ask the jeweler to show you the difference between 14k and 18k, note the quality of craftsmanship and ensure that your purchase is exactly what you desire. Many rings are gold plated, although attractive upon purchase these rings fade quickly and may cause discoloration on the skin, ensure validity of your jewelry before making payment.

Gold Wedding Bands compliment engagement rings made of the same type of gold and tend to be less appealing than the original engagement ring, mainly due to the fact that the wedding ring is usually attached to the engagement ring after the ceremony.

White Gold Wedding Band

Gold Wedding bands vary from plain and sleek to varying styles and innovations, it is up to the individual to consider which style he or she prefers and would be the most comfortable wearing. White Gold Wedding Bands are popular among men because the metal is easy to work with, produces a significant end result and always looks good. Both yellow gold and white gold are equally popular amongst women, some Gold Wedding Bands combine the two metals, each creating their own flawless look.

From Ancient Times men did not always wear a ring to symbolize a commitment to their wives; it is only through modern times that most churches adopted the tradition of men exchanging a ring with their wives. Gold Wedding Rings, whether tow-toned on monocular have remained stylish for many centuries and will remain so for many years to come, a metal that can display such versatility and exquisiteness as gold is yet to be discovered.

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Gold Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Gold Wedding Rings

For most cultures love, trust, and hope are all symbolic of marriage, and for each person, the portrayal of these qualities is an individual matter. The choice of a wedding ring is therefore of utmost importance, to be worn for many years it is not only a commitment to another half but also a strong sense of what the commitment symbolizes. In modern day living traditional weddings are still very popular so for many people who are looking for classic elegance and therefore a timeless piece of jewelry then a Gold Wedding Ring would be the answer. Whether you prefer small and petite or large and eye-catching the Gold Wedding Ring has no limitations.

Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is a precious metal that was discovered thousands of years ago, as early as 3,000 BC. Through technology and intelligent minds, this metal has been melted and mixed forming gold of varying durability, purity, and color. The choice of a Gold Wedding Ring may depend on such factors as how much you are willing to spend, the type of ring you are looking for, whether the Gold Ring is there to compliment or replace the engagement ring, etc...

Gold Wedding Rings are assessed according to their weight and number of karats. The most affordable yet durable Wedding Ring would be one that is 14k Gold, consisting of 58.5% Gold and combined with other metals. Slightly more expensive is 18k gold consisting of 75% pure gold and lastly 22k - 24k Gold, consisting of 199% pure gold and the richest in color. It is important to note that the more pure the gold the softer it is and the more easily it can scratch. Severe damage can be prevented with regular cleaning at the Jeweler, also, regular wearing of a 24k gold ring may cause it to deform after a few years. Therefore, consideration for the purpose of the ring is important.

Selecting a Gold Wedding Ring can be timely and to find exactly what you are looking for may take longer than expected. The advantage of Gold Wedding Rings is that everyone all over the world either owns one or has seen one so the only point of concern should be quality of craftsmanship and the style which you desire; this is obviously made easier when the choice is not limited by the seller.

At there is a wide selection of Gold Wedding Rings that are custom fit to each individual, whether you prefer white or yellow gold, engraving of a special message, or resizing of the ring. All the options are included for your satisfaction and convenience. Expertly crafted to perfection with a style for each personality one does not need to spend thousand of dollars, you just need to locate the experts in the right place. JewelryVortex not only offers a wide choice of Gold Wedding Rings they also offer them at very affordable prices so that anyone can have the special day they have always dreamed of.

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Mens Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Mens Engagement Rings

Taking the next step and deciding to get married is a big decision, and sometimes it is not always the men that make that decision. Many women want to propose to their partner, and to make that moment extra special, you can choose from the gorgeous range of mens engagement rings from JewelryVortex.

Mens engagement rings are less popular, so there are fewer options to choose from. Yet, the selection that is available is very unique and different. Men tend to prefer a ring that is very simple but elegant at the same time. There are, however, options for men that prefer more extravagant and distinctive styles. There is a stunning range of diamond engagement rings for men, and they are available in gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Each design is different and very stylish. The next most popular men's engagement ring option is gold or titanium ring. These rings are known for its durability and class. Even though titanium is such a strong material, it is surprisingly light and looks elegant with any outfit.The material used to manufacture these fine pieces of jewelry are only gotten from a trusted supplier. These rings were made with the highest of standards in mind, so you can be sure that your purchase will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come. Mens Engagement RingsAny precious gemstones used in these rings are cut by modern machinery and are flawless, making your ring one of perfection. The prices on these rings are so affordable that anybody can afford to take that next step by giving a gorgeous engagement ring from JewelryVortex.

When you purchase one of the mens engagement rings from this online store you get a great number of benefits, such as the thirty day return policy, which assures you of the rings' excellent quality. If you would like to make your ring extra special, JewelryVortex is willing to engrave your ring with a personal message free of charge. This website offers you fantastic tips and advice on how to take proper care of your ring, and the search option allows you to find a ring in your price range. It has never been easier to make a jewelry purchase, you simply have to visit to view this great selection of mens engagement rings from the comfort of your own home or office and make a purchase using your credit card. Visit this great website today!

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Mens Rings Guide
Browse Mens Rings

JewelryVortex offers the chance for you to add onto your jewelry collection by selling a fantastic range of mens rings online at such affordable prices that now anyone can afford to look fabulous all the time. With the different styles to choose from you are bound to find at least one ring that you simply have to have.

The most common and popular choice in mens rings or even women's rings are wedding bands and engagement rings as each partner wants their special day to be perfect in every way. Beautiful ring can make all the difference. All the rings are made from the finest materials such as gold, silver, white gold, yellow gold, and titanium. The stones used in the manufacturing of these rings are cut by modern machinery giving it a flawless look and making your jewelry collection sparkle. Each design is unique and will bring out your individuality. These unique mens wedding bands and womens rings are able to be resized to fit you or your partner's finger. The selection of diamond mens rings are perfect start to your jewelry collection and are very popular as an engagement ring or wedding band. Two tone mens rings incorporate two types of metal giving your purchase a subtle difference. Three stone rings give a unique look to men's rings, which come in different designs. Round mens ring shows sophistication and style and is a perfect gift. These rings are crafted while paying attention to the finer details and making sure they stick to the high standards set for the manufacturing of these rings. The titanium ring was built for strength and that is why many men want to be seen wearing it, plus once you purchase it you can be sure that it will last for many years.

JewelryVortex has developed a great website that allows you to browse through their collection of mens rings and make a purchase from the comfort of your own home or office. You purchase will be shipped to you free of charge and come with a lovely gift box for a flawless presentation. If you feel that a personal message will make your ring more special then this company will engrave it free of charge before shipping it directly to you. Everything you buy will come with a thirty day return policy so you can have that needed peace of mind when making a jewelry purchase. Their unique search option allows you to search for your exact piece of jewelry in your price range quickly and easily. Top tips and advice are also offered to you on the correct way to maintain your jewelry so that you may enjoy its beauty for years to come. To view their quality range of mens rings you can visit Allow the experts to assist you in your purchase of the best jewelry in town!

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Mens Titanium Rings Guide

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Men's Titanium RingAdding mens titanium rings to your jewelry collection compliments any outfit you wear, and is the perfect durable fashion accessory. The rings available from JewelryVortex are very affordable and it makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one. These titanium rings for men are also very popular as a wedding ring and are made to last a lifetime.

The fantastic range of men's titanium rings were made for durability and are a symbol of great strength. Men's titanium rings are designed to look sleek and elegant and are made in a thick or thin design. Choosing one all depends on your preferences. Some titanium rings include diamonds, CZ's, crystals, and other precious or semi-precious gemstones. Even though titanium men's rings are made to endure the active lifestyle of a man, they are surprisingly light, making it very comfortable to wear every day. Mens titanium ring designs range from plain to pattern and artistic designs, giving a very unique and stylish look. Some of the titanium rings are combined with gold to have a more golden look. For a very unique option you can purchase titanium rings that contain your birth stone. All the materials used in the making of these rings are of top quality as they are manufactured according to set standards. If any stones are placed in the rings they are cut to perfection to give the ring a flawless shine.

The first thing you want when making any jewelry purchase including mens titanium rings is the reassurance that it is of excellent quality, which you will find at JewelryVortex. If you are unsatisfied, you can use our thirty day return policy that we have for all jewelry. This fantastic website will show you the best way to care for your titanium ring, so that it can be worn and enjoyed for years to come. The useful search option online allows you to search for one of the mens titanium rings in your price range, so there is no time wasted in getting exactly what you want. To make a purchase from the comfort of your own home or office using your credit card, visit us at Let the experts help you with a top jewelry purchase today, so that you can show that special person just how much you mean to them!

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Jewelry Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Jewelry Wedding Rings

Why not celebrate and cherish the bond of everlasting matrimony with selected jewelry wedding rings from JewelryVortex. If you're looking to impress a loved one, buy them a special piece of jewelry from the great range available from JewelryVortex. Are you looking to buy a special piece of jewelry for that one person that makes your heart sing? At prices you only thought possible in your dreams, JewelryVortex now leaves you with more money in your pocket to spend on building everlasting memories from the start. Why pay more at conventional jewelry shops when you can pay less for better quality and have money left to spend on honeymoon.

Why should you pay more at traditional shops when you only pay to help cover their rent and other costs? At JewelryVortex you pay less, but still receive better quality jewelry wedding rings, when shopping online. If you're looking for jewelry wedding rings that will make your loved one's day, then visit our online shop at for all your jewelry needs. With the high quality pictures on our site you'll find it easy to shop and make an informed decision about the jewelry you buy. JewelryVortex also offers you a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. You are under no obligation to keep the purchased item. Simply return the purchase and we'll make a full refund to you. No questions asked. This is our promise to you.

Because JewelryVortex manufactures jewelry wedding rings themselves and present their products online, you don't need to pay exuberant prices to help us cover our cost. No, you get the better prices, while we sell in quantity to get the volumes that make our profits rise. This way we have a win-win situation, where customers become life long partners. Because JewelryVortex wants to make your online shopping experience, a memorable and hassle-free occasion, JewelryVortex offers you unbeatable value for money. With the volumes of sales we make, we can offer you even lower prices. JewelryVortex however still strive to only produce the latest in trends, style and design. If your looking for cutting edge design, you've come to the right place. For jewelry wedding rings from the famous jewelry markets from around the world, visit our online store at

Because jewelry wedding rings are not only an economic investment, but an investment in your future and personal well being, JewelryVortex invites you to have a browse around their shop. We know that shopping online for the first time can be a stressful and daunting experience and that's why JewelryVortex prides itself in that we offer the best customer service when it comes to buying online. We at JewelryVortex strive to ensure that when you choose jewelry wedding rings from our online store, you will feel confident that the image you see is exactly what you'll get.

For the best in jewelry prices and quality, you'll find at JewelryVortex. If you're looking for high quality jewelry wedding rings, simply visit us at or call us toll free on 1-866-808-0404. For more information or queries you can also email or call 213-627-3318 for all your jewelry needs.

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Wedding and Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Wedding and Engagement Rings

The choice of both an engagement and wedding ring is certainly not universal. People's tastes differ and as such so do their choice of rings. Found in various styles, sizes, patterns, and metals the choices of engagement and wedding rings are endless. Some people know exactly what they want while others have no idea or simply say "I will know the perfect ring right when I see it." No matter what type of ring is worn, bold or petite, silver or gold, broad or thin, the ring must essentially serve one purpose - it will be a display of true love within two identities.

Before purchasing an engagement ring, you should first decide whether the engagement ring is going to become a part of the wedding ring or if the wedding ring will replace the engagement ring. If you choose the former, you should look into getting a wedding ring set or engagement ring set, which contains an engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Once your choice has been made, you can decide what you are looking for. Choice of metal depends on personal preference and amount you are willing to spend. Popular engagement and wedding ring metals includes yellow gold, white gold, two-tone, and platinum, the latter being the most durable and most costly. Many people prefer white gold because the silvery color truly matches with any outfit, hairstyle, occasion, and other jewelry and at the same time looks almost identical to fashion silver jewelry.

Typically, the engagement ring is the most exquisite ring bought. The engagement ring will normally have a few small diamonds or one large diamond depending on preference. The wedding ring on the other hand, if used in conjunction with the engagement ring, is usually a plain band. After the wedding, you can melt your wedding and engagement rings together to form one elegant piece of jewelry.

Two-tone rings are very popular as they allow for diversity in wearing all kinds of jewelry. Two-tone rings constitute both white gold and yellow gold and are usually most popular amongst men. Platinum is the more expensive form of metal and selection can be found in both wedding and engagement rings. The platinum ring has a beautiful look, is more expensive but will last a lifetime. For the person who wants to spend extra or may be allergic to gold jewelry, platinum is the answer.

The engagement ring symbolizes a future with the love of your life, the wedding ring seals this love and is meant to be a bond shared between two people for eternity. The selection of your ring need not be the most expensive, but it should be the most affectionate in the displaying of your love, the ring on its own tells a story. Choosing a wedding and engagement ring can be done anywhere, from your general store to online, reliable online sites include If you are unsure of your selection then speak to a sales consultant, they are informed about every aspect of a wedding and will be able to assist you in selecting an engagement ring. Luckily, the engagement ring is the only ring that needs to be a surprise, allow your spouse to select the wedding ring together with you, this time, the fit will be easier and you can be sure that she will be wearing something that she loves.

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Wedding Band Sets Guide
Browse Wedding Band Sets

The wedding band is an age old tradition that symbolizes love and true commitment, and having matching wedding bands can be the best way to embody the love you share together. Wedding band sets from JewelryVortex could make your special day one to remember forever.

The first and probably most popular type of wedding band sets are the fancy and signature diamond bands. These rings were made to perfection and the diamonds were cut into the ideal shape to make your special day truly sparkle. The titanium and gold rings make a subtle difference and any ring made of titanium was made to last so you know that you will be able to enjoy the rings for many years to come. The hand braided selection has a very classic look as two materials intertwined making a beautiful ring. Wedding Band SetsIf you are very creative and love art then the carved rings are a perfect choice for you as rings have been carved with modern designs to suit your individual personalities. The seamless wedding bands are simple yet elegant and make a perfect matched up pair. The other options available are the milgrain and fancy design rings. For a ring that is the best of the best you can also choose from their range of designer rings. All of these rings are available in the above materials, and gemstones such as diamonds, sapphire, and rubies can be used. This company also stocks beautiful engagement rings if you have a need for those before the wedding bands.

JewelryVortex has created a great website that allows you to view their entire jewelry selection including the wedding band sets from the comfort of your own home so you are able to sit down as a couple and choose that finishing item for your special day. When you make a purchase online your goods will be shipped straight to you free of charge and will be sent with a lovely complimentary gift box. When making an investment by buying wedding bands you want to be sure that your purchase is one of excellent quality, this is why JewelryVortex has a thirty day return policy on all of its items giving you that needed peace of mind. If you would like to engrave your bands with a special message that will last a lifetime then you can request it and this company will do it free of charge before shipping it to you. This useful website also offers you fantastic advice on how to care for your jewelry and most rings can be resized for that perfect fit. The handy search option allows you to search for a wedding band set in your price range quickly and easily. To find out more and look through some of the wedding band sets available from this top online jewelry store you can visit

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Titanium Mens Rings Guide
Browse Titanium Mens Rings

Titanium Men's Ring Matte

Titanium mens rings are almost one of the most popular forms of metal rings chosen by men. The reason is simple - titanium is less costly and lasts for years. It is available in comfort fit and can be worn on a daily basis while looking great! More men are choosing titanium rings, for many reasons, such as wearing gold is too traditional or gold and platinum cost more than they can afford. Titanium rings for men, on the other hand has become a fashion trend that now, unlike gold, most persons are able to afford.

How does one go about selecting the perfect men's titanium ring as a gift? There are a few considerations one has to take into account - just because a ring looks great does not mean it is ideal. At the end of it all, you want a ring that is beautiful, reflects his style, and is versatile, in every aspect of his life. Let us look at the following scenario; you have decided to buy your husband a titanium ring because it is extremely durable and longwearing and it is a style that you assume matches him well. Now you need to ask yourself questions like; will he be able to wear this ring on a daily basis? Is this ring versatile enough to be worn anywhere? Is he going to be playing sport with his ring and wearing it to work everyday? All the answers to these questions will allow you to grasp a picture of how much maintenance the ring will need and how suitable the ring is for your husband's lifestyle.

Black Titanium Rings for Men

Titanium mens rings may be durable, but that does not men that it is not prone to some sort of damage. If worn during physical activities, like sports, the ring will probably scratch and scuff. When this happens, a visit to the jeweler is a necessity. An advantage of titanium rings is that it will never tarnish, rust, or become malformed, so basically, it can be worn anytime, anywhere. Many men in fact do not wear their rings on a daily basis, which truly, in the case of titanium men's rings just means extra years of elegance.

When selecting a titanium mens ring, one aspect that needs consideration is the degree to which the ring reflects the wearer's personality. Some men prefer taking a walk on the bold and different side, others prefer traditional rings and then again, some men like it with no fuss, just simply plain! Titanium wedding rings for men are available at almost any jeweler; one can even purchase them online. The titanium men's ring is becoming increasingly popular, and unless another metal emerges with qualities better than this, then titanium is here to stay!

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Titanium Rings Guide
Browse Titanium Rings

Titanium Bands

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that was made to last and is extremely durable, then a titanium ring is the right piece of jewelry for you. JewelryVortex has a great selection of gorgeous rings for men and women at affordable prices.

Titanium rings are designed for both men and women in unique and simple styles. They can be worn as wedding rings, engagement rings, or fashion rings. Of the many semi precious metals used to create wedding rings, titanium has advantages that supersede gold or platinum. Some are made from solid titanium, whereas other titanium rings are combined with gold or platinum to create a unique metal finish.

Titanium rings are extremely resistant to corrosive fluids including sweat, and thus, they are longer lasting than any other metal. Another advantage of titanium rings is that they are more scratch resistant compared to gold or platinum, so even labor-intensive men will benefit from type of metal. However, titanium rings and jewelry are still prone to scratches.Even men who prefer not to wear jewelry or who fret their wedding ring may break, purchase titanium jewelry. Each piece of titanium jewelry will not tarnish or corrode and need little maintenance, lasting a lifetime!

Titanium Rings

Men who select a titanium diamond engagement ring for their bride, can take much pride in their decision. Choosing a titanium ring shows their fashion sense and financial savvy. Titanium rings can also be individually designed using an array of other precious metals and even diamonds, which can change the whole look and feel of the ring.

Men's jewelry has come a long way in recent years due to the use of materials like titanium and tungsten. Titanium is a metal that is so strong and durable, that young men especially, have been increasingly turning to purchasing titanium. Rings made from titanium are an expression of their masculine emotions - super strong, lightweight, sleek, and stylish.

Titanium is now at the forefront of the designer jewelry industry. No other metal has experienced such a dramatic increase in popularity as titanium.Titanium rings have the stylish rich grey tone of platinum as well as other colors but at a much more attractive price. Today's celebrities and style icons even buy titanium to show their individuality and style. By choosing titanium, you are choosing a unique metal, a metal that offers strength and style, color, and grace. Its beauty, quality, and value make it an ideal choice.

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Diamond Bands Guide
Browse Diamond Bands

Diamond BandDiamond bands make a wonderful type of ring for an engagement, a wedding, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or birthday. Diamonds make any lady feel stylish and glamorous and give an elegant finishing touch to any outfit for men. The diamond bands from JewelryVortex are of the best quality and are available at affordable prices, so there is no reason you can't treat yourself or a loved one to these stunning rings.

There are many designs to choose from in JewelryVortex's diamond band collection. Some diamond rings were designed using an invisible setting, tension setting, that was developed in France. Basically the diamonds have grooves in their girdle that slip into the metal framework below the surface. The metal can now not be seen so it creates an illusion of a solid surface of gems. This setting also makes the diamonds in the ring look much larger. You can find other diamond bands in gold, white gold, platinum mount settings with different diamond shapes. Some of the diamond shapes are the round and square cut which are the more common, as well as heart, pear, and rectangular shapes. There are so many to choose from that it is highly unlikely that you won't find something to suit your specific style.

It is important when buying diamond wedding bands to get some sort of guarantee or return policy with it, so that you can be sure your purchase is genuine and of high quality. Your wedding is a big day as you are making a life-changing decision, and JewelryVortex has a fine selection of diamond bands that will want to wear everyday as a reminder of your marriage. This company will also be able to advise you on the proper care for any of your jewelry pieces. Their website is very resourceful as it has all the information you need on jewelry plus a number you can phone if you have any queries.

When you visit the JewelryVortex website you can view their entire wedding ring collection including diamond bands. The prices and carat sizes are also stated in the information, so you can pick according to your preferences. Also, all jewelry comes with a thirty day return policy giving you that needed peace of mind. A free gift box also comes with your purchase as well as the option of engraving your ring with a personal message to make this gift an extra special one for years to come. You can visit their website by going to and making a purchase from the comfort of your own home.

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Men's Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Men's Wedding Bands

At JewelryVortex, you can be assured that you will find a wide range of men's wedding bands. No matter your preference, we likely have some kind of a wedding band for the man who is looking for just the right ring.

Mens wedding bands these days can be quite ornate or they can be simple. Some men might like a wedding band that is just a plain band of gold. Looking for something a bit flashier? We have wedding bands for men that are fashioned from tungsten metal and feature a setting of diamonds.

At JewelryVortex we have something for everyone and in every budget. You can feel confident shopping here for men's wedding bands.

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Diamond Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Diamond Engagement Rings

One of the most important and life changing jewelry purchases people will make is buying an engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of true love and devotion, and JewelryVortex would like to help make the engagement ring search go more smoothly.

Diamond Engagement Ring

There are many different types of diamond engagement rings styles in the market. You will find many types of diamond shapes and cuts such as round, square, princess, emerald, or heart. Each one of these is placed in different settings to make each ring just as unique and special as your partner. The metals used to make the ring itself can be anything from platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and two tone gold. It all comes down to what you prefer and like in a piece of jewelry.

Investing in one of these beautiful diamond engagement rings is a big purchase so it is very important that you get some sort of guarantee or return policy so that you can be sure that what you are buying is of excellent quality and made to perfection! JewelryVortex has developed a very helpful and successful website where you can get top information and advice on your jewelry and how to take top care of it so that you may enjoy it for years to come. When you take good care of your ring it may even become a treasured family heirloom. You can easily browse their entire range and make a purchase online from the comfort of your own home or office. They even provide a handy search option for you to find exactly what you are looking for in your own price range.

The prices of today's diamond engagement rings differ from store to store but you can usually find something to suit your budget. Finding a store close to you that has exactly what you need can be a mission and that is why the internet is a very useful thing as you don't even have to leave home to make a purchase.

Browse JewelryVortex's fine diamond engagement ring collection and find a stunning diamond ring that will be cherished forever.

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Two Tone Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Two Tone Wedding Bands

two tone wedding bands Gold Two Tone Wedding Bands - Click Here

Tungsten Two Tone Wedding Bands - Click Here

Titanium Wedding Bands - Click Here
18k Two Tone Wedding Bands

Two-tone wedding bands are, quite simply, rings that feature two different precious and semi-precious colors. For gold rings, two tone rings can come in combinations of yellow and white gold, yellow and rose gold, and white and rose gold. Tungsten, titanium, and other semi-precious metal rings feature a wide variety of other colors.

Women and mens wedding bands that feature two tone styling are a versatile choice for the bride or groom. For some brides, choosing two tone wedding bands ensures that her wedding ring will coordinate with other jewelry, no matter the metal of that jewelry.

Two tone wedding rings offer a unique and good looking solution for the bride or groom who wants a wedding band that offers two types of colors. At JewelryVortex, we offer a wide range of two tone wedding bands that are sure to please.

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Cheap Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Cheap Wedding Rings

At JewelryVortex, we do cheap wedding rings right. That is, we provide all the quality you want but also at the price you want. It is wrong to assume that you have to pay top dollar for top quality yet cheap mens wedding bands and women's wedding rings.

Inexpensive wedding rings for men and women are one of our specialties at JewelryVortex. We know that "wedding rings" and "cheap" do not often work together at other jewelry stores, but here, we know that we can provide all that quality at a fraction of the price.

If you are looking for cheap wedding rings that fulfill your every ring desire, check out our selection at JewelryVortex.

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Wedding Rings for Women Guide
Browse Wedding Rings for Women

Some wedding rings for women are designed as a set with an engagement ring and wedding band fitting perfectly together. Other womens wedding rings include diamond solitaire rings, simple wedding bands, and just about anything else a woman might want.

At JewelryVortex, we have a wide range of wedding rings that will suit any bride.

We take pride in all of our offerings, but we know that wedding rings for women are a specialty that should not be taken for granted. Trust us to provide women's wedding rings that excite and delight every bride.

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Matching Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Matching Wedding Bands

We are well aware of how popular it is for couples to get matching wedding bands. As couples pledge to share their lives together, they sometimes want to show that dedication with matching wedding bands.

Wedding bands that match can feature elements that appeal to both men and women. We offer matching wedding band sets in different colors of gold and other metals as well as in different widths.

Shop JewelryVortex today for a wide selection of quality matching wedding band sets for him and her.

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Mens Diamond Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Mens Diamond Wedding Bands

Most men have a general idea of their preference for mens diamond wedding bands, and it is our mission at JewelryVortex to provide what you want.

Whether your preference is for a small diamond in a wide band, or a larger diamond set into a platinum ring that coordinates with your bride's, we have the right look for all men. Best of all, we offer some of the best prices on mens wedding bands with diamonds around as well as the best selection.

No matter what kind of diamond wedding bands men are looking for, we aim to please.

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Wedding Bands For Men Guide
Browse Wedding Bands For Men

Gone are the days when wedding bands for men meant a simple band of gold. Men's wedding bands these days offer much more than that. Wedding bands for men run the gamut from a simple gold band to a braided mixed metal to a tungsten band with a diamond or two set into it. At JewelryVortex, we have nearly a thousand different styles of gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten wedding bands for men to choose from in our quality ring collection.

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Wedding Rings For Men Guide
Browse Wedding Rings For Men

When they first enter the market, brides and grooms might not know the sheer variety of wedding rings for men that are available these days. A quick stop at JewelryVortex will educate them quickly, however. We offer a wide variety of wedding rings for men and in every metal and design you can imagine.

We offer men's wedding rings in a wide range of prices and styles, so finding just the right ring is easy. If you are looking for wedding rings for men and want a wide variety of styles and prices to consider, JewelryVortex is the right place to be.

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Unique Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Unique Wedding Rings

The bride or groom looking for unique wedding rings will find a wide variety to choose from at JewelryVortex. From unique mens braided wedding rings to a mix of metals, there is a distinctive wedding ring to fit every taste and preference.

Not all brides and grooms want a ring like everyone else's, so unique wedding rings are an excellent choice for those who want something a bit different. Shop JewelryVortex for a wide range of unique wedding rings to fit every style.

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Inexpensive Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Inexpensive Wedding Bands

At JewelryVortex we serve all of your needs for quality yet inexpensive wedding bands. We offer a wide array of quality wedding bands at discounted prices, so that every bride and groom can afford a special band.

Inexpenisve wedding bands come in many metals, including tungsten, titanium, palladium as well as gold and platinum, passing on the savings as a lean company onto the customers. They can be thin and simple or wide and dramatic.

Finding affordable women and mens wedding rings can be as simple as scrolling through the selection at JewelryVortex. We work hard to ensure that we have wedding bands in all price ranges including in the "wedding bands for cheap" category.

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Wedding Rings Sets Guide
Browse Wedding Rings Sets

Purchasing wedding rings sets, otherwise known as engagement ring sets, is a highly personal decision for most brides and grooms. These sets come with a matching engagement ring and wedding band for brides.

At JewelryVortex, we have wedding rings sets to suit any bride's preferred style. Whether she has a large budget, or a smaller budget, or whether she wants something unique and different or traditionally pretty, our wedding bridal ring sets selection is unparalleled.

Shopping for wedding rings sets can be overwhelming, but at JewelryVortex, we like to think we make it not only simple but fun for every bride and groom.

Learn more about wedding rings sets in our Shopping Guide: Two Types of Wedding Sets.

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Mens Discount Rings Guide
Browse Mens Discount Rings
mens discount ring

Mens discount rings run the gamut from basic gold bands to interesting titanium and mens tungsten wedding bands. Discount rings for men do not have to be thin bands of gold, but instead men who are looking for a discount on their wedding rings can find many choices at JewelryVortex.

The key is to understand what basic elements are important in the wedding ring, and then finding the ring that fits that design preference but at a price point that works. At JewelryVortex, we have a wide range of mens discount rings in a wide array of styles and prices. We believe we have something for every style and every budget.

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Engagement Rings for Men Guide
Browse Engagement Rings for Men
engagement ring for men

Many men are interested in wearing men's engagement rings in the same way a woman is interested in wearing an engagement ring.

The engagement ring (for men or women) sends a message to the world that you are soon to be married to your beloved, and many men believe they should not be an exception to this rule.

At JewelryVortex, we offer a wide range of engagement rings for men that can suit any man's style.

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Men's Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Men's Wedding Rings

Popular Men's Wedding Ring Styles

Woven Men's Wedding Rings
Diamond Men's Wedding Rings
Plain Men's Wedding Rings
Gold Men's Wedding Rings
Other Men's Wedding Ring Styles

If you are on the hunt for men's wedding rings, look no further than the large selection at JewelryVortex. Our selection includes mens wedding rings in a wide array of styles, price ranges, and designs.

We are proud of our wide selection of men's wedding rings, which include rings in a wide variety of metals, some set with diamonds and some that are plain, as well as mens wedding bands that have unique designs for the man who wants something a little bit different.

Mens wedding rings are a special purchase and should not be put aside in favor of shopping for the brides' wedding rings. Visit JewelryVortex for all of your mens wedding rings needs.

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Men Wedding Ring Guide
Browse Men Wedding Ring
men's wedding ring

If you are in the market for a mens wedding ring, look no further than JewelryVortex. We have a wide range of men's wedding rings in a style to suit any groom. Whether he is looking for a simple gold wedding band or a less traditional ring, such as a tungsten or platinum ring, JewelryVortex can deliver.

Men's wedding rings can be quite simple and basic, and many men prefer them this way, but JewelryVortex offers a wide array of both simple and fancy wedding rings. There truly is a ring to suit every groom, and at JewelryVortex, we invite you to look around and find the perfect man's wedding ring.

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Wedding Sets Guide
Browse Wedding Band Sets

Browse Wedding Ring Sets

At JewelryVortex, we know that shopping for wedding sets can be overwhelming. There are so many choices available, and in so many price ranges, it can be difficult for the bride and groom to settle on the perfect wedding sets for them. You can find engagement ring sets or bridal ring sets for women and wedding band sets (matching wedding bands)for wedding couples.

Fortunately, JewelryVortex offers not just a wide array of wedding sets styles but also an easy mechanism for narrowing down your choices based on your preferred style, metal, design, and even price range.

Shopping for wedding sets is a special experience and we want to ensure that the experience is not only a special one but also a stress free and enjoyable one.

To learn more about wedding sets, check out our Shopping Guide, Two Types of Wedding Sets.

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Wedding Bands for Women Guide
Browse Wedding Bands for Women
Wedding Band for Women

Some wedding bands for women are thin bands of gold or titanium, and others are much more ornate, and include diamonds, braided metals, and even two-tone gold. The most popular types of women's wedding bands are diamond wedding rings. Yet, more and more women choose wedding rings that have a similar style or are the same as their husbands' rings.

At JewelryVortex we pride ourselves on having a wide enough selection that we believe every shopper looking for wedding bands for women will find something to suit them.

We offer wedding bands for women in a wide variety of styles, prices, and metals. Whether the woman shopping for a wedding band has simple taste and a simple budget or has more luxurious taste and a budget to match, we are sure she'll find the perfect wedding band for her.

Browse Wedding Bands for Women
Christian Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Christian Wedding Rings

Christian Wedding Ring

For the Christian couple getting married, Christian wedding rings are a unique and meaningful way to share with the world the couple's dedication not just to each other with their faith. They contain Christian-related symbols, such as Crosses or Biblical scriptures, that were carved or molded into the wedding bands.

All of our Christian wedding rings come in a wide variety of price points, so any bride and groom with a low or high budget will be able to find something that suits them and without sacrificing style and meaning.

Browse Christian Wedding Rings
Gold Rings for Men Guide
Browse Gold Rings for Men

While some high-profile grooms -- such as Prince William of Wales -- might choose to forgo wearing a wedding ring, gold rings for men are really quite common. Most men these days will choose to wear a wedding band, and for most men the choice will be a 14k or 18k gold ring.

However, as with any other rings, mens gold rings run the gamut in style, size, and budget and can be used to make a fashion statement or serve as a mens wedding band. Much depends on the man's personal style and his personal tolerance for jewelry, but he can choose a simple, thin gold band, contemporary gold ring, or something much wider that is set with a diamond or another stone. His men's gold ring might include other metals that are braided into the gold, or other special design features.

Shop by Gold Color

Yellow Gold Rings for Men

Yellow Gold Rings for Men

White Gold Rings for Men

White Gold Rings for Men

Two Tone Gold Rings for Men

Two Tone Gold Rings for Men

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Mens Braided Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Mens Braided Wedding Rings
mens braided wedding rings

For men who are looking for wedding rings with intricate designs and craftsmanship, mens braided wedding rings provide that look. Far from the usual, these braided wedding rings for men are often unique-looking and attention-getting. They can also symbolize the joining of two people, whose lives are now intertwined in marriage.

While many mens braided wedding rings are offered in just one metal, such as gold, tungsten, or platinum, often they include more than one metal braided together, which makes them even more unique and stylish. For the groom who wants a distinctive and symbolic ring, choose men's braided wedding rings.

Browse Mens Braided Wedding Rings
Two Tone Mens Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Two Tone Mens Wedding Bands
Two Tone Mens Wedding Band

Two tone mens wedding bands offer something yellow gold or white gold wedding rings cannot - Variety. Variety meaning that those wedding rings can match with yellow gold jewelry or white metal jewelry, such as silver, platinum, and white gold, that men may have.

Mens two-tone wedding bands are usually a mix of white and yellow gold, which can be placed next to each other on the bands, so there are two bands of gold next to each other, or they can be braided together or fashioned in some other way to create an intriguing and unique look.

Two-tone men's wedding bands are ideal for men who wants a fashionable wedding ring that compliments their wide variety of jewelry.

Browse Two Tone Mens Wedding Bands
His and Her Wedding Bands Guide
Browse His and Her Wedding Bands
his and her wedding band

For many brides and grooms want to epitomize their marriages in special way, his and hers wedding bands are the way to go. Couples often like his and her matching wedding band sets because they identify the bride and groom as belonging together. They also often like his and her wedding bands because the men's versions of the wedding bands are slightly larger and wider versions of the brides' rings.

Often his and her wedding bands are sold as part of the bride's engagement ring sets. All at once a bride and groom can purchase the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the coordinating men's wedding band. These his and her wedding bands are not only attractive for brides and grooms, but they are also usually budget friendly.

Browse His and Her Wedding Bands
Discount Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Discount Wedding Bands

Discount wedding bands run the gamut from the simple to the ornate. If you are hunting for discount wedding rings, look at online jewelers, such as JewelryVortex, that have less expenses than other retailers, passing on more savings to customers, as well as jewelers that have excellent relationships with quality manufacturers. For inexpensive wedding bands, you might think specifically about some of the more affordable, semi-precious metals, which can be a smart thing to do.

Beautiful discount wedding bands can be purchased in metals like 10 carat gold, tungsten, and titanium. Some very frugal brides and grooms even choose sterling silver, due to its similarity to the look of platinum. Aside from less expensive metals, the bride or groom on a budget should also look at wedding bands that are themselves discounted and that are either on sale or clearance or have a special promotional price.

Find high quality, discounted wedding bands in gold, platinum, tungsten, titanium, and palladium at JewelryVortex!

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Diamond Wedding Bands for Women Guide
Browse Diamond Wedding Bands for Women

While some women dream of a very ornate and elaborate wedding band, many others envision themselves wearing a simple, diamond wedding ring for women.

Diamond wedding bands for women can be very thin and feature channel set diamonds, or they can be much larger with a beautiful pave diamond design. There is enough variety of women's diamond wedding bands that there truly is something for everyone.

One of the best aspects of diamond wedding bands for women is their ability to coordinate nicely with nearly any engagement ring. Women shopping for diamond wedding bands should always consider their preferences and personal style before choosing that perfect wedding band.

Browse Diamond Wedding Bands for Women
Diamond Wedding Rings for Women Guide
Browse Diamond Wedding Rings for Women

Common wedding lore tells us that diamond wedding rings are the way to go. Women often desire diamond wedding rings for both their engagement rings and wedding bands while many guys like wider mens diamond wedding bands for their personal rings.

Although diamonds are one of the most precious stones, diamond wedding rings for women do not have to be a budget breaker. In fact, JewelryVortex offers a wide array of diamond wedding rings at prices to suit every budget.

Browse Diamond Wedding Rings for Women
Affordable Titanium Rings Guide
Browse Affordable Titanium Rings

Tungsten is a metal that many consumers are not very familiar with, but there are many affordable tungsten rings available that can allow any ring wearer to wear a special ring at a less expensive price.

Inexpensive tungsten rings can be as simple as a plain band of tungsten metal, or they can be something ornate with engraving or mixed metals, such as gold. They can be polished to a high and shiny finish, or they can be offered in a matte metal.

Affordable tungsten rings are an ideal choice for the man who wants to wear a wedding band or some other ring but does not want to spend a lot of money for it.

Browse Affordable Titanium Rings
Contemporary Gold Rings Guide
Browse Contemporary Gold Rings

There is a segment of the jewelry wearing population that enjoys old-fashioned and vintage style ring jewelry. However, there are just as many gold ring wearers who prefer more contemporary designs, and these jewelry fans enjoy contemporary gold rings that offer them the elegance of gold jewelry but with a current look that suits their modern sensibilities.

Contemporary gold rings can be simple or ornate. They can be budget-friendly or budget-busters. The key is that these gold rings suit the contemporary and modern style of the wearer.

JewelryVortex carries hundreds of gold ring selections in a variety of designs, including contemporary gold rings, gold wedding bands, and more. Find all your

Browse Contemporary Gold Rings
Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings suits the modern woman who desires a more unique diamond engagement ring.

An asscher cut diamond typically has a squarish appearance. The corners are slightly trimmed, and so it resembles an emerald cut engagement ring. Its 74 facets and the series of steps cut into the sides create a sparkling mirrored effect. However, for a more dramatic flair, check out vintage asscher cut engagement rings. They appear more like an octagon due to the more truncated corners and have fewer facets.

An asscher cut diamond engagement ring is more than the typical diamond ring. Its striking beauty and unique design will please any woman. Go to to see more asscher cut engagement rings at affordable prices.

Browse Asscher Cut Engagement Rings
Christian Wedding Bands for Men Guide
Browse Christian Wedding Bands for Men

Christian wedding bands for men are excellent options for men who honor the Christian religion.

The wedding ring symbolizes the eternal love and devotion between husband and wife. Male Christian wedding rings similarly express that wedding ring meaning as well as one's religious faith and belief on the sacred day of marriage. One can choose from different designs ranging from simple elegance to extravagant. Also, to fit every personality, there are various motifs depicting this faith, such as biblical versus and cross wedding bands of assorted styles. They are either engraved or boldly stand out.

A Christian wedding band for men is an exceptional tangible expression for the special relationship between husband and wife with their faith. Go to to find your special ring at affordable prices today.

Browse Christian Wedding Bands for Men
Men's Unique Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Men's Unique Wedding Bands

Every groom deserves a unique male wedding ring as special as the individual. Various men's unique wedding bands exist to fit individual tastes. They range from simple elegance to decorative carved or woven patterns. One can choose from braided ring designs for an organic look or recurrent geometric shapes for a striking effect. Also, one can opt for different textures, such as square or flat finishes, for a modern effect. Another type of unique wedding band for men is one with an interlocking design that is both manly and reflective of the newly intertwined lives of husband and wife.

Unique wedding rings for men exist for the special groom in a variety of different precious and semi-precious metals. Visit JewelryVortex, offering hundreds of mens wedding band selections, to find the perfect wedding ring at affordable prices today.

Browse Men's Unique Wedding Bands
Princess Cut Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Surprise the beautiful bride with a beloved and extravagant princess cut engagement ring.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are one of the most popular diamond shapes. Similar to a traditional round brilliant cut diamond, they sparkle with much brilliance but as a square shape. Princess cut diamond engagement rings can stand alone as a solitaire stone or with accent stones. Of note, check that the setting of the princess cut diamond protects the four pointed corners of the diamond since they are likely to fragment.

A princess cut engagement ring has the brilliance to match the radiance of every bride. Go to JewelryVortex to find the perfect engagement ring and diamond wedding band for women at affordable prices today.

Browse Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Yellow Gold Rings Guide
Browse Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold rings are wonderful for almost any occasion. Yellow gold jewelry is well known for its enduring beauty. It is sturdy and simultaneously impervious to rust, tarnish, and corrosion. Because pure gold is too soft for daily use, it is mixed with different metals, such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to increase its strength and durability. The purity of gold is then expressed in karatage (k). At JewelryVortex, our jewelry is crafted from both 18k and 14k gold, which is composed of 75% gold and 58.3% gold respectively. Yellow gold rings are then designed for any style and setting ranging from classic to modern. They are intrinsically beautiful alone or paired with any gemstone.

For wedding rings, yellow gold is more popular than white gold wedding bands but white gold is growing in popularity. Yellow and white, two tone gold wedding bands are also increasing in popularity.

Surprise your loved one with yellow gold jewelry with everlasting beauty and resilience. Go to to find the perfect ring at affordable prices today.

Browse Yellow Gold Rings
Plain Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Plain Wedding Bands

"Plain" wedding bands bring classic elegance to every bride and groom.

Although plain wedding bands by definition do not have gemstones, they display simple beauty that reflect the quintessential emotion of love in a marriage. "Plain" wedding rings then highlight the beauty of their metal. They vary in materials, such as gold, tungsten, titanium, and/or platinum. Also, each ring shows unique character. A plain wedding band has a smooth texture with or without milgrain details. They come in different widths and are suitable for both men and women.

A "plain" wedding ring has endured as a classic beauty that portrays elegance to every male and female wearer. Go to to find the perfect ring at affordable prices today.

Browse Plain Wedding Bands
Unique Rings for Women Guide
Browse Unique Rings for Women

Every bride desires a beautiful, unique ring as special as her love between herself and her loved one.

Numerous unique rings for women exist to fit individual personalities. Female unique engagement rings or wedding bands range from classic elegance to tasteful modern styles. One can choose from different materials, such as 14k or 18k gold, tungsten, titanium, or platinum, and varying widths. One can personalize the ring with different motifs, such as braids or geometric shapes. They vary from smooth polished finishes to etched textures or even hammered wedding bands.

Avoid cookie-cutter rings and choose wonderful unique women rings that fit the individual taste and style. Go to to find the perfect ring at affordable prices today.

Browse Unique Rings for Women
Cheap Mens Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Cheap Mens Wedding Bands

Price of men's wedding bands does not reflect their quality.

"Cheap" wedding bands for men signify affordable, distinctive rings without sacrificing quality. While browsing JewelryVortex's quality ring collection, one can find more than discounted gold men's wedding bands. There are also unique mens rings made of semi-precious durable metals, such as titanium, tungsten, and palladium that create a stunning modern look at a less expensive price. Titanium is lightweight. Tungsten is permanently polished. Palladium is whiter than white gold and hypoallergenic. is able to sell reasonably priced jewelry secondary to less overhead costs. Consequently, is able to pass its savings to its customers and offer cheap mens wedding bands.

At, take advantage of affordable and extraordinary wedding mens wedding bands with uncommon beauty. Go to to find the perfect ring today.

Browse Cheap Mens Wedding Bands
Mens Gold Rings Guide
Browse Mens Gold Rings

mens gold ring

Numerous styles of men's gold rings exist to complement every personality.

Gold rings for men are typically wider and thicker than gold rings for women in order to create a masculine effect. However, various elements of the ring ensure that each ring suits each personality of the wearer. One can choose from yellow gold, white gold, two tone gold, or tricolor gold rings for him. Also, ring designs vary greatly in order to create a more unique ring. The attractive nugget ring is one popular choice. Other striking rings are the onyx stripe or animal figures, such as an eagle or panther.

Purchase the handsome mens gold rings that accentuates the man he is. Go to to find the perfect ring at affordable prices today.

Browse Mens Gold Rings
Male Engagement Rings Guide
Browse Male Engagement Rings

Today, engagement rings are not only for women. The popularity of male engagement rings is growing for multiple reasons.

To fit the various reasons and personalities, there are numerous styles of male engagement rings. They can be made of gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or tungsten. Also, men engagement rings may exude simple elegance without any diamonds. However, there are options to have a solitaire diamond or cubic zirconium for extra flare, or more diamonds for a more dramatic design.

When one is ready to invite that special man to join his/her life, propose with the perfect male engagement ring. Go to to surprise him with the ideal and affordable ring.

Browse Male Engagement Rings
White Gold Wedding Bands Guide
Browse White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold wedding bands are beautiful, versatile rings for men and women.

White gold wedding rings compliment any style. At JewelryVortex, one can find classic simple designs, woven or braided motifs, unique modern patterns, fleur de lis carvings, or layered brick appearances. Also, one can find various textures ranging from etched designs or smooth finishes. Diamonds in any arrangement are brilliantly highlighted against white gold rings. White gold wedding bands are available in 14k or 18k. One can choose sole individual men or women rings or matching men and women sets.

White gold wedding rings are wonderful choices for any man or woman. Go to to discover the myriad of options and select the ideal ring at a reasonable price.

Browse White Gold Wedding Bands
Woven Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Woven Wedding Bands

Woven wedding bands are wonderful wedding ring options for men and women.

These woven wedding rings are intricately beautiful hand-crafted, braided rings that express intertwining eternal love between two people. At JewelryVortex, one can choose from basket-like weave, wheat weave braid, or twisted rope designs. These wedding bands are made from gold or platinum and can be either a solid 14k-18k yellow gold, solid white gold, two-tone gold, and tri color gold. They can be in various widths.

Woven wedding bands are exquisite choices for men and women. They simultaneously display never- ending love as represented in the classically elegant woven designs. Visit JewelryVortex to discover the perfect symbol of one's love.

Browse Woven Wedding Bands
18K Gold Rings Guide
Browse 18K Gold Rings

Exquisite rings in various styles are available in the traditional 18k gold for both men and women.

18k gold rings are beautiful and enduring. They inhabit the greatest gold purity available for gold jewelry, so they have a richer gold color than 10k and 14k gold rings. Also, they are available in yellow, white, rose, two tone, and tri color gold. As wedding bands or engagement rings, 18k gold rings befit any style to suit any personal taste. They are available as simple elegance, unique hand-crafted carved braid design, textured etched designs, or modern interlocking design. Different widths of 18k gold rings exist ranging from 2.5 mm to 9 mm.

Stop by today to view a myriad of 18k gold wedding bands and engagement rings at affordable prices. It will please anyone.

Browse 18K Gold Rings
Two Tone Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Two Tone Wedding Rings

For a truly unique ring, consider a two tone wedding ring. Two tone wedding rings are beautiful and distinctive due to their characteristic use of different metals and colors. Many are made from either 14k yellow or rose gold with white gold; however, other types are made from yellow gold with other semiprecious metals, such as tungsten or titanium. There are various styles to suit any individual. Examples include classy handmade woven designs, scroll designs, Celtic patterns, simple elegant styles, and sleek modern striped appearance. Two tone jewelry also brilliantly highlights diamonds if desired. They are available in different widths and suitable for both men and women.

Now go to to find an exceptional a two tone wedding band at reasonable prices.

Browse Two Tone Wedding Rings
Tri Color Gold Rings for Him Guide
Browse Tri Color Gold Rings for Him

Once the special wedding day arrives, consider donning a tri color gold ring for him.

Men's tri color gold wedding bands are distinctive exquisite rings that reflect the unique love between him and his partner. They are generally made with white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. These rings befit any styles including sleek modern striped styles, elegant hand-crafted woven patterns, and braided rope designs. One can also choose from various widths. Also, a tri color gold ring for men can have either smooth polished finish or textured surface.

Now visit to view the stunning collection of men's tri color gold band at affordable prices. They are an ideal way to express one's original personality and love for his partner.

Browse Tri Color Gold Rings for Him
Titanium Wedding Bands for Men Guide
Browse Titanium Wedding Bands for Men

For a sleek stylish appearance, consider a titanium wedding bands for men.

Men's titanium wedding bands are excellent alternatives to the traditional wedding bands. Titanium is a semi-precious and very durable metal that is lightweight and hypoallergenic. Without sacrificing quality, they are a more affordable option. They come in various styles including a classic elegant polished and matte half-round design and a masculine, modern striped design. Other options include a unique laser cut striped design and a distinctive x pattern on a black titanium ring. A titanium men's wedding band is also a great setting for diamonds or cubic zirconium in order to create an exceptional ring.

Embark one's journey at to find a highly durable and stunning titanium wedding band for men at affordable prices.

Browse Titanium Wedding Bands for Men
Guys Wedding Rings Guide
Browse Guys Wedding Rings

There is an assortment of guys wedding rings that suits every personality.

At JewelryVortex, one can find the ideal guys wedding band that fits one's tastes and simultaneously expresses his love and devotion to his partner. One can choose from a men's wedding ring made from different materials, such as yellow or white gold, silver, platinum, tungsten, or titanium. They come in various styles including simple elegance, distinctive woven patterns, unique ornate carvings or etchings, and sleek modern designs. Men's wedding bands come in different widths and can be adorned with diamonds or cubic zirconium.

Start one's search from a vast collection at JewelryVotex for the ultimate guys wedding at affordable prices today.

Browse Guys Wedding Rings
Cross Wedding Bands Guide
Browse Cross Wedding Bands

Cross wedding bands are wonderful expressions of one's religious love and devotion on the sacred wedding day.

At JewelryVortex, there are assorted styles of Christian wedding bands that simultaneously reflect the spiritual Christian faith and one's love and commitment to one's partner. Cross wedding rings can be made from yellow gold, white gold, two tone gold, silver, platinum, titanium, or tungsten. They can be minimally elegant with repeating carved and engraved simple crosses or with jutting crosses against a recessed background. Also, consider attractive, ornate designs with floral motifs, Celtic patterns, or the inclusion of Our Father's Prayer. A cross wedding band can display radiant diamonds or cubic zirconium.

Look at to find a stunning crossing wedding band for the bride or groom at affordable prices.

Browse Cross Wedding Bands
14K Gold Bands Guide
Browse 14K Gold Bands
14k gold band

14k gold bands happen to be the perfect jewelry accessory for either a man or a woman. This karat of gold is the most popular choice for gold rings.

Also, 14 k gold rings can be a perfect gift for someone for any occasion. Many people choose to have 14k gold engagement rings or 14k gold wedding bands. These rings can be made from a variety of different golds including, yet not limited to, white gold, yellow gold, or bonded gold. The prices of the rings can vary however 14 karat gold rings can easily be fit into anyone's budget because there are so many wonderful options to choose from.

If you are thinking about purchasing 14k gold bands, then visit JewelryVortex and find amazing deals on fine jewelry.

Browse 14K Gold Bands
Woven Wedding Bands for Men Guide
Browse Woven Wedding Bands for Men

Woven wedding bands for men can be considered to be very unique.

Woven wedding rings for men happen to be rings that have a braided metal design. These wedding bands can be considered contemporary weddings bands and can come in a variety of different styles and colors. Because of the woven metal designs, many of these braided gold wedding bands are made out of two or three types of gold colors - yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Men's woven rings can fit in perfect with any occasion very easily.

Visit JewelryVortex to see some of the most exquisite woven wedding bands for men at the best prices.

Browse Woven Wedding Bands for Men
Affordable Wedding Bands Glossary
Browse Affordable Wedding Bands

Anyone can find affordable wedding bands in a wide variety of metals and styles that are similar to expensive wedding rings. Some can be made from gold while others may be made of silver, tungsten, titanium, and ceramic. If one is purchasing a gold ring, then the price will be based on a variety of factors such as if it has diamonds or other gemstones, number of karats, gold weight, and design. Depending on what additional features one wants will determine whether or not they will be able to find affordable wedding bands.

To check out a wide selection of affordable wedding bands, visit You will be amazed at how many choices you can choose from to find the perfect wedding band at prices below retail.

Browse Affordable Wedding Bands
Celtic Rings Glossary
Browse Celtic Rings

Celtic rings can be the perfect rings for a man or a woman. These rings incorporate designs inspired by the Irish Celtic culture. They come in a variety of different metals including, yet not limited to, silver ring and gold ring. Depending on what type of ring one decides to go with will determine the price. However, there are so many choices to choose from so there should be a ring that can fit into basically anyone's budget. Celtic bands are perfect for weddings and any other occasion as well because of their symbolisms of faith, love, and other sentiments.

JewelryVortex offers quality gold Celtic rings for men and women at affordable prices.

Browse Celtic Rings
Tri Color Wedding Bands Glossary
Browse Tri Color Wedding Bands

Tri color wedding bands can definitely catch everyone's attention. These tri color wedding rings generally include yellow, white, and rose gold metals and are often used to create Celtic rings and braided wedding rings. They come available in both styles for women and men. They happen to be perfect for someone who appreciates unique designs yet appeasing to the eye as well because they definitely do not resemble the traditional wedding bands. Some legends attribute the tri color ring design to a French man over seventy years ago.

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Unique Wedding Bands for Women Glossary
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Unique wedding bands for women happen to be very easy to come across. Women's unique wedding rings can be made out of a variety of different items. Some of the more popular unique wedding bands consist of gold, silver, diamonds, and more. Many people choose to go for a Celtic ring or a tri colored ring when they need something that will be different from everyone's else's wedding ring yet not to out of the ordinary. Some unique rings for women even include a birthstone inside of the ring.

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Yellow Gold Wedding Rings Glossary
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Yellow gold wedding rings are one of the most popular choices for brides and grooms, especially 14k gold bands. Because of the bright yellow color, these gold wedding bands will light up any couple's hands on their special day. Some of yellow gold rings have diamonds or other gemstones in them or intricate, carved designs, or no embellishments at all. If one happens to be looking for something that is a little out of the ordinary yet still appeasing to the eyes one may want to consider looking at some vintage yellow gold wedding bands. These may be harder to find, but they are well worth the search.

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Mens Diamond Rings Glossary
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Mens diamond rings can be perfect for many occasions, such as a gift, men's wedding ring, special event, and more.

Diamond mens rings come available in a variety of different styles. The most popular ones include, but are not limited to, yellow rose, platinum, and white gold. Some men's diamond rings may be made with 10k gold while other may be the popular 14k gold. Mens diamond rings are generally decorated with a solitaire or few diamonds but some be filled with many diamonds, depending a person's personal style. Many men choose diamond rings over any other type of rings because diamonds are said to last forever, and they are also very appealing to the eye and add a touch of lavishness to a simple band.

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Matching Heart Wedding Bands Glossary
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matching heart wedding band set

Matching heart wedding bands make a perfect way to symbolize love for both women and men.

This matching heart wedding ring make a lovely and romantic way for a couple to start their marital commitment together. They are made out of 14K yellow and white gold and have six round diamonds outlining the carved white gold heart and curve designs. The best part is they make a full heart once they are connected together, so this wedding set can be a unique way for a newlywed couple to express their longing love towards each other.

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Celtic Wedding Bands Glossary
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Celtic wedding bands have a lot of rich history behind them. They originated in Ireland and include symbols related to Celtic culture. The Celtic history involves Irish mythology that many people may not realize, and ring wearers who are unaware of the meaning behind the wedding bands become intrigued with the artistic Irish Celtic designs. Celtic rings are more than just bands that are attractive to the eyes they have a very long story that comes behind them as well.

Most Celtic Irish wedding rings are made with 14k white gold, yellow gold, and two tone gold. Most of the rings are more popular with men. Some of Celtic mens rings can be made of cheaper materials, such as stainless steel, that are still just as appealing to the eyes.

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Braided Gold Wedding Bands Glossary
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Braided gold wedding bands are perfect for people who want something that is unique but at the same time elegant.

Braided wedding bands for men and women are made out of a variety of different materials. Many of them are made out of yellow gold, white gold, and combination of those gold colors. Because woven rings contain three strands, some bands are made with tri color gold to highlight each strand. All of the braided gold wedding rings have different designs that closely resemble one another or look distinct.

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Claddagh Rings Glossary
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Claddagh ring

Claddagh rings originated from Claddagh, an Irish village outside of Galway and have an amazing story to tell full of culture. Some say that Claddagh rings contain the most culture in their background than any other type of ring. The story behind this ring can be traced back as far as over three hundred years ago. Claddagh bands have a lot of meanings summed up into one. First, the hands and the heart stand for friendship and togetherness. The heart alone stands for love. Lastly, the crown that can be recognized on the ring stands for loyalty. This Irish ring's meaning makes it perfect for women and mens wedding bands as well as a symbol of love and devotion to the special person in one's life.

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Palladium Wedding Rings Glossary
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Palladium wedding rings can be perfect for people who like to keep things simple. They are usually an alternative precious metal to platinum, having a similar look and hypoallergenic quality. Many palladium rings are cheaper than platinum, and, yet, are rather pricey compared to other contemporary metals such as titanium and cobalt. Also, like a lot of the other different wedding rings, they also come in different widths and classic wedding band styles.

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Wedding Bands Rings Glossary
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Wedding bands rings are an alternative way to say "wedding bands."

Wedding bands come in a variety of different sizes and widths for men and women. Also, they have a variety of different designs available. Some wedding rings contain diamonds, commonly used in women's wedding bands, sapphires, emeralds, rare stones, and other gemstones. Some wedding band rings can be found in wedding sets and they can be made out of gold, white gold, yellow gold, stainless steel, and a ton of other options.

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Mens White Gold Wedding Bands Glossary
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Mens white gold wedding bands can be very appealing to the eyes.

White gold wedding bands for men have not always been around. When wedding bands were first introduced to society, only the women wore them. Later, men started wearing wedding bands, such as mens white gold wedding rings. Classic mens wedding bands typically are made with plain gold with little to no carved or molded designs, and lately, more and more men or choosing wedding bands with different artistic design elements and/or diamonds and other gemstones. Yet, many men prefer their white gold rings to just be plain.

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Braided Wedding Bands for Men Glossary
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Braided wedding bands for men can look good on any man's finger.

Men's braided wedding rings are hand crafted rings that exceed anyone's expectations. Usually they can easily be found in white gold and yellow gold wedding bands. Also, each of the woven rings has their own unique designs. All of the wedding bands are created by using intricate weaving techniques, so they can be very appeasing to the eye.

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Wedding Ring Styles Glossary
COMPARE Wedding Ring Styles

There are a ton of wedding ring styles that one has to choose from.

When it comes to wedding band styles, there is something that is available for everyone. What is meant by the phrase wedding ring styles is what type of wedding ring is it. Some of the more popular wedding ring styles include, but are not limited to, diamond rings, hand braided rings, two toned rings, hammered wedding bands, and Celtic rings. Also, you can find rings with religious themes, such as Christian wedding bands and Star of David rings. Each wedding ring style looks different, and they all have their own special meaning behind them.

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COMPARE Wedding Ring Styles
Celtic Wedding Rings Glossary
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Celtic wedding rings are wedding bands with designs inspired by Irish Celtic history.

Originally, Celtic wedding bands were created by the Celts -- which may have been first derived in Dublin, Ireland - who incorporated significant symbols into the ring designs. Now, other jewelry designers from other countries are also making wedding bands with Celtic themes. They are most commonly found in yellow and white gold. When one looks at Celtic rings, they will notice that they all have different symbols. If the ring has a square on it, the meaning behind it would be to ward off evil spirits. Spirals symbolize the rebirth of life cycles. If the ring contains people or animals, it could mean one of three things: 1) the struggle of man versus nature, 2) the dependence man has on nature, or 3) man versus man. Finally, if it has a circle, it could symbolize eternity. The groom and bride choose Celtic rings based on their symbols and/or artistic designs.

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Hammered Wedding Bands Glossary
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Hammered wedding bands are definitely one of a kind.

Hammered wedding bands can be worn by both men and women. Hammered wedding rings are well crafted rings that have been around for quite some time. They are available in both gold and silver. They have rugged looks and their designs are versatile yet they still manage to appeal any eye that catches sight of them.

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Expensive Wedding Rings Glossary
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Expensive wedding rings can make anyone's hands look elegant.

Pricey wedding bands happen to be called this because it means they may cost more than more simply made wedding rings to make. Also they have a higher ratio of gold or platinum in them as well. Some of them may be classified as expensive wedding rings because they happen to have more designs in them than the average wedding bands, and they may have a name brand name. Other times expensive wedding rings are classified in this group because they include a lifetime warranty along with the rarest stones that can be found.

The price of expensive wedding bands depend on people's budgets and perceptions. The average of price for a women's wedding band is around $700 and men's wedding band is around $500.

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Black Titanium Rings Glossary
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Black titanium rings are perfect for couples who want their wedding rings to stand out.

Black titanium bands are becoming increasingly popular because of their meaning. The black titanium ring symbolizes power, strength and certainty. It is actually pretty amazing how this ring can have such a strong meaning yet still maintain a light weight. However, don't let the light weight full you the black titanium rings are very durable. The newer black titanium rings that are being introduced even have the meaning of eternal commitment behind them. Also, if they are made out of the newer metals the meaning goes even deeper to symbolize a strong eternal commitment.

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Wedding Ring Engagement Ring Glossary
Browse Wedding Ring Engagement Ring

Also known as wedding ring set, bridal ring set, or engagement ring set. Wedding ring engagement ring looks great when worn together or worn apart in most cases.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is given before the wedding. This tradition is to have said to have first begun in Rome. The wedding ring is what is given during the wedding. The best man or the maid of honor is the one who would keep up with the wedding ring in American tradition. With this set, you can get both rings together but present them at different times. Buying them together ensures that both the engagement ring and wedding band complement each other.

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Mens Palladium Wedding Bands Glossary
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Mens palladium wedding bands are becoming more and more popular this day in time, especially with the price of gold steadily increasing. More and more people continue to shop for quality while getting the best value, and palladium rings offer those features.

Palladium is lighter in color than white gold, and they also have the same gleam as platinum wedding bands. The great part about palladium is that it falls in the same family as platinum and have many of the similar qualities to palladium and gold. Yet, palladium wedding rings cost less than platinum rings. Also, these wedding bands work perfectly for people who like white gold but are allergic to it.

JewelryVortex offers palladium wedding bands for men at a very affordable price.

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Best Wedding Rings Glossary
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best wedding ring by Dora

Considering that people tend to have varying definitions for the word, "best," the best wedding rings are usually determined by the quality of materials and craftsmanship used to make the bands and, for some, the price points. These wedding bands made with high quality materials include expensive and valued precious metals, such as gold and platinum, have little impurities and contain less alloys. Also the design of these ring styles have intricate, fine details and have a strong and solid built and finish. For example, rings with a thin shank or prong setting and/or have a hollow inside tend to be less well-made and can be more susceptible to denting. Furthermore, the pricing should reflect these elements instead of being significantly over-priced. Some well-known jewelry brands manufacture the finest rings with superb materials and craftsmanship, such as Benchmark and Dora.

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Black Wedding Bands Glossary
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black wedding band

Black wedding bands are simply rings that are colored black as the name hints. People who enjoy something different and bold tend to choose these types of rings to symbolize their matrimonies. The meaning behind the black rings is contrary to what people may think. Since this color represents absolutes, these rings symbolize eternal commitment as well as strength and power.

These wedding bands are mainly made of tungsten, ceramic, cobalt, and titanium. However, some manufacturers have started to create black gold jewelry. Since they are made out of cheaper materials, they can also be considered as affordable ring alternatives as well and yet maintain their special meaning.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Top Wedding Band Styles
Browse Wedding Band Styles

Choosing the right wedding band is not a difficult thing, but it is a choice about what suits the couple's style, what works with the woman's engagement ring, and what fits in the budget.

Here are popular wedding band styles:

Plain Wedding Bands

Plain wedding bands for men and women are the most popular style because they are generally affordable and versatile. For men and women, the plain wedding band style is usually a simple band of gold, silver or platinum. Click here to see our collection of Plain Wedding Bands.

Hand Braided Wedding Bands

Braided, or woven, wedding rings have an intricate design of interwoven metals. This style is popular among men, especially for those who want something more than a simple men's wedding band but are not necessarily comfortable with a large band or a ring that includes a stone. Click here to see our collection of Hand Braided Wedding Bands.

Contemporary Wedding Bands

Contemporary wedding bands are much as the name implies - they are usually sleek, modern, and work well alone or with an engagement ring. Because they are modern, they are often fashioned from platinum or white gold, giving a lustrous, metallic, polished look. Click here to see our collection of Contemporary Wedding Bands.

Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond rings are a very popular womens wedding bands who want to wear a thin diamond band to compliment their diamond engagement rings. Many women will also wear their diamond bands alone or without their engagement rings for a simpler, less fussy, look. Diamond wedding rings are also good for men who want a little bit of bling on their finger. Click here to see our collection of Diamond Wedding Bands.

Carved Wedding Bands

These rings have designs etched or carved on top of the metal instead of having a lot of molded designs. These carvings can be very modern and sleek, simple, or quite ornate. These kinds of bands are ideal for both men and women who want something unique on their finger. Click here to see our collection of Carved Wedding Bands.

Christian Wedding Bands

Christian rings are often designed with a variety of crosses, bible scriptures, and other Christian references. They offer Christian couples a unique way to show not only their love for each other but also for their faiths. These bands are usually fashioned from gold or platinum, or both, and can be designed to coordinate with Christian engagement rings. Click here to see our collection of Christian Wedding Bands.

Most people will find more than one wedding band style that suits them - the real task, then, is choosing the one that they can wear for a lifetime.

Have any other questions or concerns on buying jewelry? Call our jewelry experts at toll free at (888) 517-3777 Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm PT or click here to email us anytime.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: 4 C's of Diamonds
Browse Diamond Jewelry
princess cut diamond engagement ring

Before buying diamond jewelry, know what are the Four C's of diamonds mean to determine the quality and affordability of diamonds. Most of us have heard about the four C's of diamond buying but might not know what it means. The reality is shopping for a diamond is fairly simple if you understand these basic rules of choosing a diamond. Diamonds are defined by four different characteristics known as the four C's, which refer to the following:

  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat
When shopping for diamond jewelry, the diamond characteristics will have certain codes or descriptions to describe the quality of those features. Let's look at the four C's in detail.

The cut of a diamond refers to the way angles are cut into the diamond to reflect light. When they are unearthed diamonds are in an imperfect condition and are usually shaped and polished in order to become both shiny and attractive. Diamond cuts should not be confused with diamond shapes, which is an entirely different manner. Common diamond cuts are brilliant cut, princess cut, and emerald cut diamonds. Other distinctive diamond cuts for engagement rings include cushion cut, radiant cut, and asscher cut engagement rings. Round brilliant cut diamonds tend be the most traditional, and princess cut diamond engagement rings and other jewelry are generally the more affordable choice as they involve less intricate cutting.

For more information on diamond cuts, click on Diamond Cut Styles to check out our guide and help you decide which one to get for your diamond engagement ring, stud earrings, and other diamond jewelry.

Clarity is all about the measurement of any internal defects found in the diamond. These defects are commonly known as inclusions. Inclusions can be minute cracks which have a cloudy or whitish look, or they can be crystals of a foreign matter. Clarity can also be impacted by the number, size, color, orientation, and visibility of these inclusions. The number and quality of diamond inclusions are described through the following codes:

Diamond Clarity Guide  Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The less flaws a diamond has, the more expensive it will be. A good, affordable range will be diamonds that have clarity between VS1 - SI2.

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, and white diamonds are the most common, especially for diamond engagement rings. The best quality, and the most expensive, white diamonds are virtually transparent and will show little to no colors or shadows that will detract from the appearances. The reality, however, is that nearly every diamond will have at least minor imperfections which can influence its value either up or down. Even with imperfections, however, diamonds are rated on the basis of the quality of that color. For example, a white diamond with a yellow hue is valued less than a diamond that has a striking pink or blue hue. Unlike white diamonds, colored diamonds are more rare and are, thus, more expensive. The more vibrant the color, the more the colored diamonds will cost. If you are looking for white diamonds, remember that the less color they have, the higher the quality and price whereas the opposite is true for colored diamonds.

Diamond Color Guide

The carat weight refers to the mass of the diamond. One carat equals 200 mg. The price per carat is determined by carat weight, and the price increases exponentially the larger the diamond becomes.

The combination of the four C's is what helps to determine the price and the value of any particular diamond or diamond ring. A very large but highly imperfect diamond will be valued less than a smaller yet more perfect diamond. All buyers should consider the four C's of diamond buying before making any diamond purchasing decision.

Have any other questions or concerns on buying jewelry? Call our jewelry experts at toll free at (888) 517-3777 Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm PT or click here to email us anytime.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: All About Diamond Cuts
Browse Diamond Jewelry

The diamond cut you choose for your diamond jewelry purchase is an important decision since it reflects your personal style. Some women and men have preferences on diamond cuts while others are not too particular. Yet, understand each cut is essential to make an informed purchasing decision.

Round Diamond Cut

Here are some popular or unique diamond cuts that we carry: Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Emerald cut, and Asscher cut.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds
This brilliant cut is the most popular for round diamond engagement rings and diamond stud earrings and is the cut most often searched for and requested. The specific focus of diamond cutters are achieving a good level of sparkle, fire, and brilliance in the round cut, thus, giving it the "brilliant" name. Click here to see our Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings.

Most experts will recommend choosing a round diamond that is a high cut grade, so you get a diamond that is bright, brilliant, and fiery.

Princess Cut Diamonds
Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond cuts, especially for diamond engagement rings, perhaps partly for its royalty name, unique look, and affordability. The princess cut is the cut that has pointed corners and is usually square in shape. Sometimes it's slightly more of a rectangle. Click here to see our Princess Cut Engagement Rings.

When shopping for a princess cut diamond, look for a square cut that is white in the corner and not any other color. Sometimes the color will be visible in the corners on a lower-grade princess cut diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamonds
Princess cut diamonds are usually rectangular in shape but have what are referred to as the "pavilion," which is the cut design. These diamonds are cut with rectangular facets, which create a special optical appearance. They have a large, open table, so this cut highlights the clarity of any diamond you purchase.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This diamond is a good pick for someone with a smaller budget because the special cutting ensures that every diamond ends up with a brilliant and fiery look. Click here to see our Emerald Cut Engagement Rings.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamonds are identical to the emerald cut, but these diamonds generally have square-like shape. Older asscher diamonds had a rectangular shape. These diamond cuts have pavilion cuts like the emerald cut, which highlights the natural brilliance of the diamond. Click here to see our Asscher Cut Engagement Rings.

All diamond cuts are beautiful. Whichever diamond cut you choose has more to do with personal preferences. Many buyers simply notice that they prefer one cut to another.

Have any other questions or concerns on buying jewelry? Call our jewelry experts at toll free at (888) 517-3777 Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm PT or click here to email us anytime.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Tips on Choosing a Men's Wedding Band
Browse Men's Wedding Bands

When planning a wedding, most of the ring attention is given to the woman. It is about her engagement ring, then her wedding ring, and everyone focuses on her pretty ring set. But men's needs should not be overlooked - they deserve some attention paid to their mens wedding bands as well.

Men's Wedding Ring Mens Wedding BandMens Wedding Band

Choosing wedding bands for men require a few pieces of information. What does he like and what is he willing to wear? Whether the woman is shopping for her man or he is shopping for himself, it is important to know his tolerance for the wedding ring. Not all men will want something bold. By the same token, some men really like a wide and dramatic mens unique wedding bands.

At JewelryVortex, we noticed that both the brides and/or grooms buy mens wedding bands, so we broke down theses tips to both shoppers, Women Shoppers and Male Shoppers.

For Women Shoppers

If you are shopping for your fiance, you should consider a few things. Aside from his jewelry preferences, here are some things to consider:

  • What does your ring set look like? Do you want the sets to coordinate or match?
  • Does your fiance wear other jewelry, or will this be the only piece of jewelry (except for a watch) that he will wear?
  • Does he like gold? What about platinum? Does his jewelry have gemstones, or do they have a simple style?
  • Is he allergic to gold? If so, you may want to choose platinum, palladium, tungsten, or titanium rings.

Once you have some basic questions answered, you need to consider the size and style of the wedding band. Many men like to wear a basic gold band, but these days there are so many options for men's wedding bands, it is worth some time to consider the options.

Wedding band designs, including basic gold wedding bands, are the following:

  • Hand-Braided Mens Wedding Bands can be made from silver, gold or platinum; they sometimes have more than one metal mixed into them. These bands are ideal for the man who wants something more than a basic gold or platinum band but who does not want anything fancy or very bold.
  • Contemporary Mens Wedding Rings are sleek and modern, ideal for the man who is always a step ahead in his fashion sense.
  • Christian Mens Wedding Bands are ideal for the man who wants to share both his love for his wife and his love for God at one time.
  • Diamond Mens Wedding Rings are nice for the man who wants a basic wedding band with a touch of added elegance.

For Male Shoppers

Are you a guy doing your own wedding ring shopping? While not all men might relish this job, the advantage is that you will get exactly what you want. When you shop for yourself, think about the same factors that your fiancee should consider if she is shopping for you but also consider the following:

  • What feels good on your finger? Give your friends a laugh by asking them if you can try on their wedding rings. Try on a variety of rings. Do you like something that is very simple like a plain platinum or gold wedding band, or do you like rings that have more artistic or unique designs to them?
  • Where do you work? What activities do you do? Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to choose a highly sturdy, scratch-resistant metal, such as tungsten (most scratch resistant) and titanium.
  • Are you allergic to gold? If so, you may want to choose platinum, palladium, tungsten, or titanium rings.
  • What does your fiancee's rings look like? While it is not necessary for you to match your fiancee's ring, you should think about the overall design of her wedding set and consider if the rings are similar. For example, she might not like it if she has a platinum set and your ring is gold. You might want to ask her if she has a preference there before you go shopping.

In many ways, shopping for his ring will be easier than shopping for hers, but considering some basics of what he likes and what he will tolerate is essential to getting the job done just right.

Have any other questions or concerns on buying jewelry? Call our jewelry experts at toll free at (888) 517-3777 Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm PT or click here to email us anytime.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Getting a Men's Engagement Ring
Browse Mens Engagement Rings

When we refer to engagement rings, we usually talk about a women's ring with a raised diamond that signifies her upcoming marriage. However, engagement rings for men are becoming increasingly more popular with straight and gay men and both men and women can show the world that they are engaged.

Mens Engagement Rings

What are Men's Engagement Rings?

While it is true that men are less likely to wear pretty gold engagement rings with a mounted diamond in the middle, men can benefit from a simpler band. Most men will choose a simple ring that can be converted into the mens wedding band or that can be moved to another finger after the wedding ring is put on the finger. Other men may choose wide wedding bands with a bezel or channel set, solitaire diamond nestled on top, resembling women's engagement rings with a more masculine design, such as the image to the left. With a bezel set stone, the diamond sits on the same plain as the ring instead of raised above like a woman's ring.

Some men, however, might like something with a bit more flare. These men can choose engagement rings that are two-tone or that have some texture and filigree to them. Some men like titanium male engagement rings because the metal offers a melange of colors in black, purple, blue, and others.

Many times the woman will have a simple engagement ring engraved with a special message, date or other symbolic thing to both signify the ring's importance and to ensure that it has lasting value.

How to Choose a Men's Engagement Ring

Mangagement rings can be chosen by both people in a couple, the wearer himself, or the person proposing. When shopping for a man's engagement ring, it is important to consider his particular taste and preferences. If he is active, he might prefer a low maintenance tungsten ring that also sits low on the finger. He might also prefer a slightly less expensive metal so there are no worries about its safety.

The concept of men's engagement rings might be new to many people as gender stereotypes fade and gay marriages becoming legal in more and more states. With this new trend, just remember the basics when choosing a ring. Consider the person's fashion style, if it will be used as the men's wedding ring or an accompaniment to the wedding band, and budget.

Have any other questions or concerns on buying jewelry? Call our jewelry experts at toll free at (888) 517-3777 Monday - Friday, 10am-4pm PT or click here to email us anytime.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Popular Diamond Settings
Browse Diamond Wedding Bands

When choosing a diamond set for your engagement ring or wedding band, there are many things to think about, such as your budget, preferences, and style to consider. We can help you choose a diamond engagement ring and wedding band settings that fit your style.

Before shopping, understand the differences between the various diamond settings - channel settings, pave settings, bezel settings, tension settings and cathedral settings. Read below to learn more about these settings:

Channel Setting
Channel set rings are a classic wedding ring style. In this kind of setting, there is a row of diamonds inlayed vertically along the band. This kind of setting is usually found in engagement rings, but can also be found in shoulder accents to a wedding ring.
channel set diamond ring
Pave Setting
"Pave" means "pavement" in the old world sense - cobble stones that are laid close together. In this setting, each diamond is carefully chosen for its size and cut, and then they are carefully set within the engagement ring or wedding band. These clusters of what are usually quite tiny diamonds create huge impact but are usually not terribly expensive because the small diamonds are less expensive than larger diamonds. Engagement rings with diamond side stones commonly use this setting.
pave set diamond rings
Bezel Setting
A bezel set ring features a metal rim that completely encircles the stone and ends slightly above it. Usually it stretches around the diamond's entire circumference, or sometimes if stretches just around a portion of it. One of the advantages of a bezel set diamond is that the diamond is held securely in the setting, making this kind of ring a good pick for people with active lifestyles who are afraid they might lose their diamond.
bezel set diamond ring
Tension Setting
Tension set diamonds are sometimes referred to as "suspended diamonds" because it can appear they are suspended in their settings. They are usually secured on two sides by gold or platinum but it often appears as if the metal is not touching the diamonds at all but rather that they are floating in the setting.
tension set diamond ring
Cathedral Setting
Cathedral set diamonds are popular among brides for a reason. As the name implies, the diamonds are set into a metal frame that mimics the architectural elements in a cathedral and which are found in the alcoves, windows and pews. These diamond rings feature a setting that holds the diamond high and with reverence, much as a cathedral holds its various architectural elements in high regard.
cathedral setting ring

There is no right or wrong setting for brides, only personal preference. Some brides might prefer simple settings while others might like the elegance and grace of a bezel set. Knowing the difference in the various settings is critical to discovering which style you prefer.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Why Choose Platinum Jewelry
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Platinum is one of the most popular metals for wedding rings. Men and women alike prefer platinum wedding bands for their classic look and durability. For some it is a status symbol - platinum is one of the most expensive metals available today.

Platinum Wedding Band

Facts About Platinum

Platinum is in high demand likely for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its reputation as one of the most elegant and finest metals available. It also has much to recommend it, however. Some of its better features include:

  • It is hypoallergenic - This is a benefit to the many people who have allergies to silver and lower quality gold, such as anything below 18K.

  • It won't tarnish or change color - Not many metals can claim this. Some, in fact, require regular care in order to keep them from tarnishing and turning color. Platinum is classically popular partly due to its durability and ease of care.

  • It is 30 times more rare than gold.

  • The majority of platinum is not used for jewelry. In fact, only about 40 percent of all the platinum that is extracted is used for jewelry; the rest of the extracted platinum is used for environmental and industrial purposes.

  • "Platinum" is often a top term. That is, if you have a platinum credit card, you are considered to be at the top tier of credit card owners. As well, if you are in the recording industry, "going platinum" is considered the highest and most exciting achievement you can reach.

Why Not Choose Platinum?

For some people, they know before they even begin shopping for a wedding ring or a wedding set that platinum is the only metal they will accept. For those with a bigger budget, it's an easy addition, while others might have to scrimp and save to make that platinum ring a reality.

However, there are some people who simply do not like platinum. Some people think it looks a bit too much like silver and might be mistaken for the much cheaper metal or find platinum rings to heavy to wear every day. Others who like a modern, updated look might prefer gold. Still others choose white gold, which can slightly look like platinum but without the platinum price tag.

Whether platinum is a necessary choice for you or you prefer other metals, there is no denying that platinum is a high-end metal that brings class and sophistication to the finger.

Most people will find more than one wedding band style that suits them - the real task, then, is choosing the one that they can wear for a lifetime.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Why Choose Gold Jewelry
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Gold is, well, the standard precious metal for rings. Most people seek out gold for their wedding bands and engagement rings in classy measure. Many people choose 14K or 18K gold for their engagement and wedding rings as oppose to 10K because the pure gold content and richer color, and yet, 10K gold is still a quality metal choice.

gold jewelry

When you look at gold jewelry, you notice there are several different choices. Pure gold is 24K gold, but it is not often used alone to make jewelry, due to its softness. It is alloyed with base metals for use in jewelry, which makes it harder and changes its color slightly. Fine jewelry is usually made from either 14K or 18K gold, both of which contain a certain percentage of copper or other metals in the alloy. All golds are mixed with other metals to create a distinct color and hardness. Because 18K gold is closer to the pure 24K gold, jewelry made from 18K gold is often a brighter and shinier gold than the jewelry made from 14K gold. However, the majority of fine jewelry - and especially engagement rings and wedding rings - is made from 14K gold.

Most of us think about that golden tone when referring to gold jewelry. However, gold comes in multiple colors used in jewelry. Popular gold colors include yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Yellow gold the truest color of raw gold out of all the gold colors. To create white gold, gold metal is usually mixed with a white metal such as nickel, zinc, or palladium to give it the silvery appearance that defines white gold. Similarly, to produce rose gold, pure gold is mixed with copper - the higher the copper content, the redder the gold will appear. Rose gold jewelry can come in 22K, which is the highest karat form and known as crown gold. Some rings include two or three of these gold colors, such as two tone wedding bands, to give them more versatility and uniqueness. Gold comes in various colors other than yellow gold. two tone gold ring

The value of gold depends on its durability, gold purity, weight, and processing. Rings made from 14K gold are durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday life. While white gold is generally slightly stronger than yellow gold due to the mix of alloy that make it white gold, both white and yellow gold can easily handle the rigors of daily life on the finger. The more gold and purity a jewelry item has, the more it will cost.

Sometimes the type of gold used in a ring is less important to a gold ring shopper than the design of the ring. The type of metal is simply a compliment to the desirable design of the ring and gemstone, but understanding what gold is all about can help a shopper make the critical decision between gold and platinum or even another metal.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Top Semi-Precious Metals for Inexpensive Wedding Jewelry
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Tungsten Carbide Ring

Not all wedding rings must be fashioned from gold or platinum. Many brides and grooms choose a less common option - the semi-precious metal. These include silver, tungsten, titanium and palladium.


Tungsten is often forged with carbide to create a durable and versatile ring for both men and women. Usually formed into a band, tungsten rings are a popular choice among men who want something a bit different, want something ideal for active wear and yet that provides a high-end look. Tungsten usually provides a shiny band, which can be set with diamonds or that can be carved or braided with other metals.

One of the great advantages of tungsten is while it has that high-end look that many men want, it is virtually scratch-proof, so the high-end look can be obtained without worrying about the quality of the ring.


 Black Titanium Ring

Titanium has a similar look as platinum, but it is a much stronger metal that is hard and is ideal for wearers with physical jobs who might damage a ring made from a different metal. Men who are carpenters, plumbers and electricians like the durability that titanium wedding bands provides.

Titanium provides an ideal backdrop for the bride who wants a sleek and modern looking diamond engagement ring or wedding band. Often the stones are set into the metal and are smaller than traditional gold wedding bands and rings.

For both men and women, titaninum is as solid choice for durability. While it's not completely scratch-proof like tungsten, it is also durable and less likely than many other metals to scratch.


Palladium RingBrides and grooms who like white gold might also want to consider palladium. This metal will always stay white because it does not need any special treatment in order to make the metal white - it is naturally white.

Palladium is ideal for the wearer who is allergic to gold or other metals because it's hypoallergenic. As well, there are no alloys in palladium that can cause the metal to tarnish, so there's no chance of a palladium ring tarnishing. In addition, it is an affordable alternative to platinum.

Brides who like filigree work should consider palladium wedding rings because the metal can support the intricate designs inherent in that kind of design work.


It is not very common for brides and grooms to choose rings made from silver, but it is also not a bad idea. For the budget conscious, silver can provide the look of white gold or platinum but at a much more affordable price.

While you can have diamonds set into silver, most people who choose a silver wedding band or ring will choose to have it complimented with cubic zirconia. After all, if you are going to go with the real stone, you might as well go with the traditional metal as well.

But for the couple who wants a ring that is exciting to look at and easy to wear, silver can provide a nice setting. A silver wedding set can also be a secondary set for couples who like to travel and do not want to worry about their jewelry while traveling.

While most brides and grooms stick with tradition and choose either gold or platinum for their wedding bands and rings, thinking outside the box and considering other metals can pay big dividends in a way that might suit the wearer even better.

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SHOPPING GUIDE: Pros & Cons of Ceramic Wedding Rings
BUY Ceramic Wedding Rings

A ring reflects a highly individualized selection. Based in equal parts on personal taste, budgetary constraints, and the frequency of use, the decision of which ring to purchase encompasses several unique considerations. This is especially true when contemplating a wedding ring. It is also the reason that ceramic rings make a choice worth evaluating. Increasingly popular in recent years, particularly among men, these rings offer qualities that underscore their acclaim and worth considering ceramic's pros and cons before buying.


step down ceramic wedding ring

Beauty - First, ceramic wedding bands' beautiful design is a major element that draws buyers. Crafted by the high-temperature firing of non-metallic and inorganic minerals, these rings display a beautiful sheen that never fades. That polished beauty, often in black, proves especially attractive to men. Moreover, its versatility provides a wide variety of very appealing contemporary styles and finishes in fashion rings as well as wedding bands.

Durability - Durability supplies an additional reason to purchase ceramic rings. Worn daily, wedding rings need to withstand hits, nicks, repeated immersion in water, and other indignities. Ceramic rings meet this challenge excellently. They resist scratches and dents, remaining unmarred and retaining their original gleam.

Lightweight - Their relatively light weight presents another advantage. Compared with rings devised of different metals, ceramic rings are noticeably lighter, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This characteristic also makes ceramic rings less likely to leave marks or indentations on the finger.

Hypoallergenic - While metal rings often cause allergic reactions, ceramic rings are hypoallergenic. It is nickel within metal rings that causes them to produce finger discoloration, rashes, and other irritations. As nickel is not present in ceramic rings, these allergies don't occur when wearing them.

Economical - Finally, affordability lures many buyers of ceramic rings. Comprised of readily accessible elements, these wedding bands are available at price points from well below a hundred dollars to slightly above. As a result, ceramic rings offer a good deal of style at very reasonable prices. It is this combination of contemporary allure and cost effectiveness that contribute in large measure to this ring's popularity.


Unalterable - On the other hand, although ceramic rings only have a couple of drawbacks, they can be enough to persuade some people that ceramic rings may not be the best choice for them. An inability to resize ceramic rings, for example, can be a disadvantage. While a lifetime sizing warranty accompanies many ceramic rings, it simply permits owners to exchange the ring for another ring of a different size, a decided drawback for those for whom a ring holds sentimental value. Furthermore, unless the warranty explicitly indicates that this service is free, owners incur a fee.

Varying Quality - Additionally, the proliferation of companies producing ceramic rings in response to the high demand means that quality varies. This can present a challenge for those seeking the elegance and affordability of ceramic rings along with the excellent quality that garners praise for them. Shopping with the most reputable companies offers an easy solution. At GoldenMine, we offer the highest quality ceramic bands from Benchmark, which are made in the USA.

men's ceramic wedding ring

Ultimately, being informed makes all the difference. While the advantages of a ceramic ring outweigh the disadvantages for most people, the final decision, much like the selection of the ring itself, is quite personalized.

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